What is Centrist/Centrism?

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What is a Centrist?

Someone who identifies themselves as a Centrist does not have specific party lines. They believe that solutions are far more important than bias. Their political ideology is based on reason, pragmatism, and consider long and short term thinking. They prefer to come to common sense solutions that can properly address both current and future needs.

What defines a Centrist?

Centrists tend to be independent thinkers. Their reasoning is based on reality and circumstance. They much prefer to focus on facts and concentrate on working together to find the best possible solution. They believe that focusing on fact could help to fix more problems than two opposite parties constantly fighting for their own agendas and ideologies. Centrists consider honor and integrity to be important, not only to be honest but act honorable. They believe politicians should use their reason and wisdom to earn their votes and actually solve problems.

Candidates Associated with Centrism

What's so Great About Centrism?

Centrism, in itself, is neither liberal or conservative. It's more like a mix of the two. It is not, however, about compromise. Centrism is about using basic reasoning and common sense to come to the best possible solution. The centrist ideology is about avoiding conflict or using one's position in office for themselves. Centrism is about doing what is best for everyone. It is about the best resolution. It is about being honorable and dignified and reasonable and wise. Centrism is a life philosophy for being a respectable, wise person and doing what is best to help create solutions.