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September 4, 2015

Thanks to all of the hard work on Thursday working collaboratively to develop the IC Mission and Vision. The learning is in doing the work!

MISSION: Building capacity in ourselves and others to positively impact student achievement

VISION: We are a professional learning community ensuring high levels of continuous learning for ALL!

*Just a reminder, your evaluation will either be PDAS or T-TESS. The IC Rubric will not be used as your evaluation or as a documentation tool. Continue referring to the IC Handbook for clarity of your role.


  • As your teams are launching Exemplars, be mindful to celebrate the risk-taking--both for students and TEACHERS! The learning will occur as teams reflect on the student work and their teaching practices.
  • As we are out visiting campuses next week, we will be collecting videos. We will post these videos on Forethought by the end of the week, and also include the links in next week's newsletter.


We hope you are enjoying The Reading Strategies Book by Jennifer Seravallo. In an effort to provide clarity, this week's resources will focus on he similarities and differences between guided reading and strategy lessons.
Guided Reading vs Comprehension Strategy


Keep those science orders coming! It is exciting to know the great science learning that will be occurring on our campuses.

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