Sneak Peek

November 17th & November 24th * Stoy School * Miss Roberts


“Nature can teach us many things.” We are going to read a realistic fiction story and an informational text that will help us answer the question, “What helps you make decisions about a character?” In The Ugly Vegetables, a girl learns about her neighbors when she plants a garden. We will also see some HUGE plants from real gardens as we read They Really Are GIANT!

Target Vocabulary: blooming, muscles, nodded, plain, scent, shovels, tough, wrinkled

Phonics Skills: Double consonants and -ck-; double consonants (CVC)

Vocabulary Strategy: Homophones

Comprehension Skill: Conclusions – use details to figure out more about the text

Comprehension Strategy: Analyze/evaluate – tell how you feel about the text and why

During the next eight days, we will practice reading with better fluency and appropriate expression. The students will be introduce to Reader’s Theater. Each student will have a “part” in two stories and given a chance to practice and participate in a class performance.

After completing a new personal narrative describing a small moment, the students will spend some time on revision. It is important for the students to get all of their ideas down. They are encouraged to write their thoughts and stories down without interruption. Once they are finished writing, they should reread their story to ensure the meaning is clear and the general mechanics of writing are being followed. In general, Second Graders need to be reminded to complete this step in the writing process. The students will learn how to reread their stories for different purposes. They will reread to check for meaning , spelling, punctuation and capitalization. This is huge task for Second Graders to undertake. When your child writes at home, encourage him/her to reread their writing independently and make changes when necessary.

Technology to the Rescue

Have no fear, the Internet is near!

When "One of those days happens," and your child forgets their Journeys Practice Book at school, there is no need to race back to Stoy. There is a way to access the book online.

Just go to and enter Think Central or go directly to: and fill in the drop down menus for: country, state, district and school. Then enter your child's first initial and last name and their password, hawks. You will see your child's homepage. Click on "My Library". You will see several choices including their practice book. Pages can be printed from that site. The students are also able to access stories from their multiple sources as well.


Lesson 3-5: Data Day: Pockets
  • Comparing and ordering numbers
  • Using parts-and-total diagrams to find totals
  • Making a tally chart and bar graph to represent data
  • Discussing data in a tally chart and bar graph

Lesson 3-6: Frames and Arrows Having Two Rules

  • Use dollars-and-cents notation
  • Calculate values of coin and bill combinations
  • Identify and use rules for a function involving addition and subtraction of coins
Lesson 3-7: Making Change by Counting Up
  • Counting by 1’s, 5’s, 10’s and 15’s
  • Writing money amounts using cents notation
  • Making change by counting up
  • Showing coin combinations for an amount
  • Key Vocabulary: make change by counting up

Lesson 3-8 Coin Exchanges

  • Counting by 5’s, 10’s and 25’s
  • Writing amounts in dollars-and-cents notation
  • Using strategies to make change
  • Calculating coin amounts
  • Key Vocabulary: exact change


  • November 17th - 21st PTA "Artist in Residence" week with Ernie & Neal
  • November 17th - Stoy Spirit Day & Pretzel Sale
  • November 18th - Student Council Mascot Vote during lunch
  • November 21st - School Store - 3:00pm
  • November 21st - Ernie & Neal Concert 7pm at the HS Auditorium
  • November 21st - Unit Social Studies Test
  • November 25th - Unit 3 Math Test
  • November 26th- ½ day: Bring a snack