Benefits of Industrialization

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What was the Industrial Revolution?

The Industrial Revolution was the transition to new manufacturing processes in the period from about 1760 to sometime between 1820 and 1840.
This time period was basically a big upgrade to society in the Untied States. Many new inventions were created that make our life easier. Without the Industrial Revolution our Country would not be as far as we are today.
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The Railroad

The railroad was built on may 10, 1869. The Railroad became the main transportation of goods and people until the car was created. Railroads made life so much easier for United States citizens. They could travel faster and transport goods faster.
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The Telephone

On March 10, 1876 the first telephone was created by Graham Bell. The telephone made it so people could talk way faster and easier without being with them. You could have instant conversations through a phone.
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The Car

Carl Benz created the first stationary gasoline engine. At the time it was called the Benz Patent Motor wagon. The car was gas powered and consisted of three wheels. This was the start to many later transportation inventions.
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Edmund Cartwright

Edmund was an English inventor and a member of the Anglican clergy. Cartwright invented the power loom which significantly increased the efficiency of textile production. He also developed a wool combing machine.
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Joseph Locke

English civil engineer. Locke was an important railway pioneer. He built the Grand Junction Railway which connected the Liverpool railway to Crew and Birmingham. He developed new techniques for laying rails and was considered great at finishing projects.
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George Stephenson

He was a Mechanical engineer, who developed the steam engine for use in trains. He was a key figure in building the 25 mile Stockton and Darlington railway. Stephenson also built the first intercity railway between Liverpool and Manchester.
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Farming and the Industrial Revolution

Farming became less geared toward the sufficiency of a single family as manufactured goods and foods became available by train or steamship. Instead, farms tended to concentrate on growing crops for market. During the 20th century, farms themselves became corporate operations that achieved vertical integration by controlling distribution and marketing. Corporate farmers also invested in the genetic engineering of hardier seeds that they could also patent. New inventions including the mechanical reaper helped make life for farmers easier. Farmers never had to put in so much work after new machines were built. The Industrial Revolution clearly made a big impact on farming in America.
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Transportation and the Industrial Revolution

The growth of the Industrial Revolution depended on the ability to transport raw materials and finished goods over long distances. There were three main types of transportation that increased during the Industrial Revolution: waterways, roads, and railroads. Transportation was important because people were starting to live in the West. During this time period, transportation through water was the cheapest way to move heavy products. As a result, canals were widened and deepened to allow more boats to pass. As you can tell transportation helped our economy in many ways and also made a start to many more inventions to come.
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Benefits and Industrialization

I think Industrialization benefited the United States in more of good way. At the time things may have been hard for some, but in the long run many new things were created. These many new inventions are what led up to our society today. You could communicate, transport goods faster, transport yourself, make work easier, and money more. The Industrialization clearly helped shape out our country.

Created By: Samuel Howell

Task 2

Positive and Negative Affects


-New technology

-Faster transportation

-Improved agriculture

-Bigger and better factories


-Increase child labor

-Steel production

-Less or no family time

-Harsh working conditions

-Wages were cut back

Task 3

March, 11

My name is Gor, i am a 28 year old European man. Times have not been so great lately. I was just let go from my job after being sick. My family needs the money and they are relying on me to come through. I have talked to those who had been in my shoes before. Most of them have made the move to start a new life in the new world of the United States. Me and my wife talked and we had decided to make the move.

March, 18

It has been one week and today my wife, son, and I will board a boat and travel to the United States.

We have been on the boat now for more than 14 hours. The boat is not very big, but there is not many people with us. I am very excited to get to my new home. I think this trip is taking so long because i'm so eager to get there.

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March, 22

We have arrived at Ellis Island. Located near the Statue of Liberty in New York. Inspectors rushed onto the boat before we got a chance to get up. We finally got off the boat and into the registration room. We then were checked by doctors to see if we had any mental or health issues. Gladly my family passed. Then i was questioned about why i came here and what i was trying to do. After that we were free to join the United Stats. It cost me $1.50 for my family and I to pass. We then boarded a train and rode to our new home in Virginia.
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April, 22

It has been a month. I have new job, I work in a factory. I do not get payed much, spaces are cramped, but luckily enough my wife also has a job here. She is a teacher at my sons school. Me and her together make enough money to provide for our family. I plan on staying here for the rest of my life. I am positive we made the right choice.
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