Ecological Issues

Pollution is Affecting the Environment

How does it relate to geography?

  • Pollution is one of the factors in ecological issue.
  • It relates to geography because polluting is harmful for land and seas (water bodies).
  • There are three types of pollution: air, land, water pollution.
  • Air pollution in Canada is contributed to by energy pollution.
  • Alberta's oil sands are set to cause growing levels of acid rain.
  • Pollution also causes numerous diseases like cancer, kidney and liver diseases.

Current Issues

  • Most of all lakes and rivers in Canada are polluted.
  • The great rainforests are decreasing by logging.
  • Garbage has become an issue.
  • More and more commuters are turning to buses, trans and bicycles to get to work rather than driving cars (air pollution).
  • Great Lakes is name to 45% all toxic air pollution.

How will this issue be solved?

We can solve this issue by recycling things and stop throwing garbage on streets.

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