Black Lives Matter

by: Michaela Reid

Background Info

-it was formed as a campaign against racism

-started on social media

-started after George Zimmerman, acquitted of murder of Trayvon Martin

-started as a protest group

-3 woman popularized a twitter #blacklivesmatter

-started in Ferguson Missouri

-Built on a generation of defiant activist leaders bent on breaking White supremacy

About the Protest Movement

-There is no single leader

-Against Police Brutality against African Americans

-Disrupts government meetings and events

-Members organized a plan to protest about the criminal justice program and that officers started wearing body cameras.

-Open and affirming to the public as long as they believe

-Unapologetically Black/ African American

-All members can be a leader

-Also known as Black Freedom Movement

-A lot of members are religious people and belong to churches

-Some of the protest turn into riots

-Sparked by the death of Michael Brown, and Freddie Gray

-Baltimore residents rising violent crimes and do not rest until justice is served

-Because the members are so angry they are raising the crime rate around the world

The Effects of the Protest

-6 officers were arrested for the death of Freddie Gray

-3 of which were Black and 3 were White

-One candidate for mayor of Baltimore supports Black Lives Matter group she gains a lot of the votes of citizens in Baltimore.

-Officers ask Black pastors to step in and "calm the racially charged confrontations between officers and protesters.