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March 20, 2016

For the Week of March 21 - March 25

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Upcoming Dates

March 25 - Deadline for Formal Evaluations and 3 Informal Evaluations

Focus for the Week - Grade-Level Reading

This may not be one of the TEF indicators, but it's an important instructional issue. For the next few weeks, please consider the following:
  • Are our students reading at grade-level?
  • How do we know? What data are we using to inform this?
  • What are we doing to address this?
If you don't know your students' baseline reading levels, then you should start planning on how you're going to collect accurate data in the next two weeks. From now until June, we would like to share with our ICEF Board any growth in students' reading levels.

News, Helpful Hints, and Reminders

From the Academic Team -

  • Budget meetings are this week! Per an email from Luis, the focus for this week's meetings will be on LCAP, Title II (Teacher Quality), Educator Effectiveness and other apportionments. Please have your reconciliations with you!
  • Please remind everyone to complete their Stakeholder Surveys!
  • Marie is out Monday and Tuesday (3/21-3/22) this week, and Ryan is out on Tuesday (3/22).
From the Arts Team -
  • Arts Month is fast approaching! Please remember to inform Jamie McAndrews of any events you have planned
From our Operations Team -
  • Month 7 Attendance Report Due Tuesday, 3/22/16 by 5pm. A complete report means Core Attendance Reports w/ appropriate signatures (packet 1) AND Teacher Verification Attendance Sheets w/ appropriate signatures (packet 2) are submitted. Options for submission:
  • Scan and upload to Google Drive Folder under Month 7 and the appropriate school
  • Beautiful Binder with copies of everything.
  • Immunization Audit: Student's who failed to submit appropriate documentation can not be on campus until compliance is met. Communication is key! Please consistently communicate with parents and/or guardians. This is a non-negotiable. School Directors: please follow up with your SOM and SIC on this matter.
  • Enrollment Process: As a friendly reminder, under NO circumstances can you accept a NEW STUDENT WITHOUT all the proper documentation (unless the student is Homeless in which the school may assist the family financially to get those documents) . That means their birth certificate, immunizations, copy of their IEP (once accepted not prior to acceptance), all ICEF required documents completely filled out, etc. If the student is Inner-ICEF, a new enrollment packet is the only item required (except for incoming 7thgraders, TDAP is required), as discussed in previous meetings; birth certificate, immunizations, etc. should already be in the cumulative folder when they enrolled into an ICEF school. (stated in an email sent out on March 13, 2016)
  • Enrollment Grid: Please update daily!
  • SIC Meeting will be held on Wednesday, 3/23/16 at 2pm at the ICEF Home Office (5140 building conference room in first floor).
  • Upcoming Deadlines:
  • March 31, 2016: March Suspension Report
  • April 1, 2016: March Meal Counts Report (submit to only)

Celebrations and Worth Noticing! See the pictures below!

  • Cheers to Jackie Cohen, Patricia Jackson, our CRC's, and all team members, community partners and families who made this past Saturday's Athletics for All quite a success! What an excellent turnout!
  • The ICEF Arts Poster Session at CCSA was a success! Over 40 people came by and wanted to know all about Arts at ICEF! Hurray Arts Team!
  • Congratulations to Kandace Branch, a View Park alum from 2008! Kandace was a Gates Millennium scholar and went on to Berkeley, receiving her BA in 2012. After Berkeley she went to Loyola where she received her Masters in education in 2014. Currently, Kandace attends Chapman University, and is working towards her PHD in education. Another ICEF success story!
  • Congratulations to ICEF Vista and VPPHS for being recognized by LAUSD in improving timely completion of IEP's!
  • Thank you to our Operations Team (especially Blanca) for timely completion of our Compliance Monitoring report to LAUSD!
  • Thank you Ms. Jewell and Ms. Mostley from ICEF Innovation for coming to every single Rugby game!
Beauty and the Beast Cast List!

Check out who's performing from your school!

Check out Team Building Across ICEF Schools! Way to go ICEF Innovation and Lou Dantzler Middle School!

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Well done all our elementary teachers for participating in First Tee Golf training this week. After all your valiant efforts on putting, pitching and driving, you certainly earned your bread and putter!

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ICEF Rugby is so happy that one of it's very own Legends has been selected to be part of the first ever professional rugby squads. Congratulations, Jabari Zuberi!

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