Lots of Teaching Resources!

Come learn about some awesome resources for all teachers.

TED Talks

TED Talks is one of the greatest educational video websites out there. Many of the videos are educators speaking about things they have learned from being an educator. A lot of their videos are pretty lengthy, but I've found all of them to be worth my time. Here is one of my favorites by Sarah Kay that would be great to use for teaching about poetry:

Using Web2.0

Web 2.0 is a resource for teachers that is FULL of links for different websites for different topics and subjects. You could scroll for days exploring each website listed. This is definitely one to hold on to for future use because it is a gold mine!

Sites for Educators


This is a website I found scrolling through the endless list from Web2.0. I've used it in the past and it's so much fun and easy to use. Basically you build your own website with it, but you can use it for portfolios too! You can upload word documents and PDFs, as well as many other things so that other people can access them as well. There's a free account version and Premium version, but the free version does so much that getting premium doesn't change much. This program makes everything look nice and sharp.


Prezi is basically a cooler version of Power Point and it's online so you can access it from anywhere! There are many different templates to choose from or you can start from scratch and make it your own! It makes giving presentations more fun and interactive. Also if you want to create a game board, this is the perfect site to do it on. Perfect tool for students who want to get a little more creative!

Sound Bible

This is a website that has royalty free sounds! Students always run into the issue of copyright, so this helps solve the problem because all of the sounds on this website are absolutely free to everyone!


This is possibly the coolest story telling website out there. It's a pop up book that includes augmented reality! What is augmented reality? It's super cool technology! All you need is a webcam and a printer to print out the code to show the screen and your pop up book becomes "3D"! Go check it out!

Surfnet For Kids

This is like Google, but for kids! It's completely safe for kids to use and pulls very credible resources for kids to use. So if you're worried about kids wandering off and finding inappropriate things on the internet, then I would recommend using SurfNet.

I found the following video on SuftNetKids, and it would be great to use with social studies! So cool!

2011 17th Century English Village Virtual Field Trip - Plimoth Plantation

Rapping Math

I realize this video is old, like 2007 old. Also, it's not really for elementary teachers like myself. But I found this back when I was in high school and loved the idea of putting math rules and formulas into a rap to remember them! There are TONS of math rap videos on YouTube, and it would also make for a great assignment in an upper level math class.

Math Rap Battle

Changing Education Paradigms

This video, found on TED as well as on YouTube, is one that I also saw in high school that is directed at educators. I'm almost positive I've seen it at least twice by now, maybe three times even! I love the visuals that go with it, so I'm sharing it with all of you.

RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms

Another TED Talk

This is another TED talk that I was shown a few years ago, and it still rings true today. I think all educators should take the time to view this one. It's 20 minutes long, but it's quite entertaining and still provides many different issues to consider and think about!

Khan Academy

Khan Academy has countless videos for subjects such as math, science and social studies. Each video has thorough explanations. This one is just an example, and the app and website have the videos categorized even better than the YouTube channel! If you or any of your students ever are confused about something, check out these videos for further explanation and examples.

Multiplying Whole Numbers and Applications 1