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CMSO events Nov. 30-Dec. 6

Winter Concert December 3

Our Winter Concert is going to be on December 3rd, 2018 at McKinney North High School. The concert begins at 7:30PM, musicians need to be at MNHS by 7PM in their concert attire. Cello and bass players need to bring their home instruments, and bassists will need to bring their own stool from home. Info was sent home, but if you missed it you can download it here. Students will uncase in the band hall, so look for signs to lead you where you need to uncase.

Beginners will sit with their parents after they perform, so parents be sure to save a seat for your student. Philharmonic, Sinfonietta, and Honors students will sit with their classes. The concert will last about an hour, but due to transitions between the multiple orchestras and the fact that we're shuttling children around it might take longer.

The concert is being professionally videorecorded, and once the videos are available purchase information will be sent out.

We will need about 16 parent volunteers to help us with lining up kids before the concert in the band room. Please sign up here to volunteer. Please meet us at 7PM in the band hall (look for the signs) to help us get kids lined up and into the auditorium after they are tuned. We will be done before the concert begins, so you will not miss any of the concert, but definitely have someone save you a seat in the auditorium.

Want extra credit? Come to the high school concert that starts at 6PM! Keep your instrument with you, and then once the concert is over come to the band hall to uncase.

Snap Raise Fundraiser Starts 12/4


We will be kicking off our Snap! Raise campaign next week with Brandon, our local rep. Snap is an online donation campaign that allows our program to receive donations from our networks and supporters. Snap uses the power of email, text, and social media with a safe, fun and interactive approach. All we ask is that each parent/guardian help their student gather 20 or more email addresses of their biggest fans. Please review the info below to see just how impactful this campaign can be for us.

*Your contacts are strictly private and protected, and never sold or shared.*

Snap Fact Overview:

  1. Safe and Protected – Snap! Raise is the safest online donation campaign available. All data is private and never redistributed.
  2. Online donation platform– Reach donors via email, social media, and text so they can visit our page and seamlessly donate.
  3. Email Strategy –All supporters will receive a receipt for their gift that may be tax deductible, included with a personalized thank you from the student. There are three reminder emails sent to donors, with an option to unsubscribe.
  4. Network – Snap’s platform and process is what makes their campaigns so successful. It allows an extensive reach across communities by providing options to connect with multiple donors and their social networks, maximizing our raising efforts.

The Story behind Snap Raise:

Snap Raise Coach Testimonial:

We sent home a bright yellow paper today for the 20 email addresses. We will also put something on our CMSO Facebook page that you can share with your friends and family, and we can use all the help we can get. Let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!!

Yearbook Photos and Individual Portraits Wednesday 12/5

We are doing our yearbook photos in class on Wednesday, December 5th. All students will need to wear their concert attire for the group photo. In addition to the yearbook group photo, students will also have individual portraits taken with their instrument! A brochure went home today with info about ordering the photos, and if you are interested in seeing the quality of the photos, please take a look at the bottom of this newsletter :)

Beginner Orchestra Tuners

In beginner orchestra, students are currently relying on the teachers and the orchestra assistants to tune their instruments. That is going to change this month! Every student needs to have an electronic tuner in order for us to teach them how to tune. There are many options, but the following devices we recommend because they are generally inexpensive and durable.

In our opinion the best tuner device for kids is the Korg Pitchclip. Yes, there are slightly less expensive options and some are listed as "Amazon's Choice" however we have found that those tuners tend to have pieces that easily break. They work well, and are colorful and very effective but we have seen many kids break them! The Pitchclip is about $11, and will easily last for years. Click on this link to see it and buy on Amazon if you choose.

We also recommend that students who have a phone purchase and download the app Tonal Energy, which is not free however it is worth every penny. It usually costs around $4. There are free tuners available, but if you can spare the $4 it will be the last tuner and metronome you'll ever need. We use it on our iPad in the classroom daily, and it is very effective.

Ideally, every student should have a phone tuner and electronic tuner device. If you have to make a choice, please get the electronic device as phones are not allowed at our competitions we have later in the year. Questions? Email Ms. Brown or Mr. Powelson!

Extra Credit Opportunity: All-Region Orchestra Concert Saturday 12/8

On Saturday, December 8th Allen High School will host the All-Region Middle School and High School concerts. These students represent the best orchestra students from McKinney, Allen, and Rockwall school districts. We have 7 students who will perform at these concerts, and even if you don't know the students involved you will not be disappointed by the quality of the performances.

If you choose to attend either of these concerts, grab a program and bring it to us with your name on it and you can get extra credit!

Beethoven Orchestra 5PM

Brahms Orchestra 6PM

Come and enjoy a fantastic concert!