Blackhawk Flyer

December 2021

Principal's Corner

Can you believe that it is already December? We have a lot of exciting things happening at the Primary this month. To begin with, today is our December Blackhawk Bash awards. I am so proud of all of our Blackhawks. Our Christmas Family night is planned for Tuesday, December 7th from 4-6 and our winter parties will be on Friday, December 17th. We are excited to invite parents to attend our winter parties! Watch your emails/SeeSaw messages for more information from your child's teacher.

Our teachers have been working tirelessly to collaborate as a team/school to increase student achievement. I am lucky to be able to take a team of 5 teachers to Little Rock next week to learn more about Professional Learning Communities and how to make them stronger at the Primary.

A few reminders:

  • We want to make sure our kids are safe as they enter and leave our building, so please do not use your cell phone in our school zone.
  • The lost and found will be laid out during our parent night on December 7th. If you are missing something please come and check it out.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your child's education/childhood.

Merry Christmas!!


Darah Bennett

Library News with Mrs. Hamilton

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Counselor's Cup

Hello Primary Families!!

I can't believe it is already December! What an amazing semester we've had so far! I like to spend this time of year talking with students about gratitude and all the different things we can be thankful for everyday. During my lessons, we are learning how to have an "attitude of gratitude." When we have an attitude of gratitude, we can turn our sad moments/days into happy ones by thinking of all the things we are thankful for. We talked about what a "gratitude jar" is and how to use it. Instead of spending our whole day feeling sad about something that happened, we can write notes about positive outcomes and the things we have, and put them in the gratitude jar!

Sharing and Caring is a great program that provides holiday help. If you are not signed up for Angel Tree and need help with Christmas, please let me know and I will send an invitation home with your child. Please continue to reach out if you have any other questions or concerns!

Thank you for all that you do and Happy Holidays!

-Ms. Brodie :)

Nurse Notes

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas! I do love the holidays, and I know the kids do too! I hope y'all are enjoying all this extra time with your families as am I!

As many of you know, the Pfizer vaccine has been approved for children 5 years and up. I have heard of many that have already taken advantage of this! We did have several classroom quarantines during the month of November, but with that being said, still significantly less cases than the beginning of the school year. The stomach virus continues to circulate. Please remember to keep your child home until they are symptom-free for 24 hours. This will give them adequate recovery time. Continue to encourage plenty of fluids (water is best!), good hand washing, and enough rest at night. This will help boost their immune systems!

In other news, we've had an uptick of lice cases in the past month. Please check your child's head thoroughly tonight and also periodically. Many of these weren't kids that typically play together either. If your child does have lice, let me know and I can discreetly check their friends' heads. Teach your child to wrap their coat around their waist or put it in their cubby when not used as opposed to tossing it in a pile on the playground or inside the building. If I do see lice or nits in your child's hair while they are at school, I will be sending them home to be treated. If you have any questions or concerns, I am always happy to help!

Lastly, BIG THANK YOU to all those that donated to my office this past month!! Y'all are AMAZING and incredibly generous!! I LOVE how the community comes together to take care of our kiddos!