Trainee Newsletter #2

AIESEC Florianópolis

Places you MUST visit in Florianópolis

As you know, Floripa is a beatiful city with a lot to offer. Despite wonderful beaches, the city is known for its culture and history that’s is able to enchant who visits. With that in mind, here are some non-traditional places you must visit in Florianópolis, so you can understand a little more what is like to live in Florianópolis:

1) Bar do Arantes (Restaurant)

Located in the Pantano do Sul Beach, Bar do Arantes is a key place to learn about the fishermen history in the city. In 1958, the restaurant used to offer food and shelter for the fishermen who landed on the beach. Many students from other Brazillian cities also used to go there, that's when they started a very importante tradition: to let little notes on the walls of the restaurant, with poetry, toughts and whatever they were feeling at the moment. So, when you visit the restaurant you’re able to read notes from all over the walls and live the history of the many people who visit the place too. You also have the chance to let your own note, so you can let your mark at the place and be reminded for eternity :)


How to get there: if you are in TICEN, take the bus TICEN-TIRIO DIRETO (410), then take the bus PÂNTANO DO SUL (564).

Prices: All you can eat - R$55,00.

2) Santo Antônio de Lisboa

What a lovely place to go!! Santo Antônio de Lisboa is one of the most important cultural neighborhoods of Florianópolis. There you can learn a little more about the architecture, culture and religion of the city, in a very calm and relaxing environment. You are able to find many great restaurants in front of the beach, visit a beautiful church and take a walk through streets that have the face of the city.

How to get there: if you are in TICEN, take the TICEN-TISAN (212)

It's party time!

On March 14, the classes of Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) restart and the students are crazy for great parties! During the whole semester, there are a lot of Open Bar parties during the weekends, which are the best parties you can find in Florianópolis. They have a really good price and pleases the most different musical styles. So, find the party that suits you better and be aware of the day of the opening of ticket sales!

Through the website below you can look for more informations about the dates and prices of the events.

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