About Great Plains

The Great Plains is a broad expanse of flat land, much of it covered in prairie, steppe and grassland.

Yearly Rainfall

The Yearly rainfall fall's between 20 inches.


You can do other activities like playing outside, farming, and go shopping.

Cost Land

The cost of land is 20 cent's for 1 acre. One man can have up to 2,036 acres.
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The reason I choose this slogan is because when you get BrandonVille, YOU can achieve great things.


  • Have to be responsible
  • Working every singe day

If you don't follow these requirements, YOU will be kicked out of this here town!

Route to Texas

The you can get to my town is take a carriage from where you are and come to BrandonVille.

Contact Information

Contact Brandon Farmer at the BrandonVille post office.
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