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September 4, 2020

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Hybrid Safe School Procedures for Families:

Dear DMMS Families:

Thank you for choosing the DMMS Hybrid Safe School Learning Option! We are excited to have students and staff in the building learning together. Undoubtedly, it will look different so we can maintain a safe and healthy learning environment. Please take some time to read thoroughly and discuss as a family.

Please be reminded that each student will need their own school supplies, water bottle, daily mask and backpack/bag to store their belongings. These guidelines are in place to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Best wishes!

DMMS Administration

Families Hybrid Safe School Procedures

Optional Distance Learning Schedule for Hybrid and Online Academy:

Optional Distance Learning Schedule

An optional distance learning schedule has been created to support student learning at home. Please feel free to use it as is or modify to meet your families need.

Due to creating both hybrid and distance learning options for students and teachers, schedules may not be accurately represented on distance learning student schedules.

In the example below, 2 courses will appear during the second hour time slot, but none during the third hour. We have done our best to clean up student schedules as best as possible, but the complexity of multiple learning programs in one scheduling tool has made this difficult. Please note: ALL DISTANCE LEARNING STUDENTS HAVE A FULL SCHEDULE, however, the visual representation might appear a bit off. In the example above, English 7 would be the second hour course and Pre-Algebra the 3rd hour course. The suggested school day schedule would still follow the order of the classes as they are listed on a student's schedule.

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DMMS Online Academy Procedures for Families:

Our DMMS Online Academy will include daily interaction with a licensed DMMS teacher. Students can expect to follow a learning schedule for the day that is similar to the schedule they would follow if they were in school.

DMMS Online Academy Procedures for Families

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6th Grade ONLY WEB Orientation:

Hello, and Welcome to Dakota Meadows Middle School!

It has been quite a summer, and we are ready to kick off the school year with 6th Grade Virtual Orientation. At Dakota Meadows, every sixth grade student is assigned to a WEB group. WEB is an acronym that stands for "Where Everybody Belongs,” and it is a school-wide system that promotes student leadership, positive school community, and mentorship!

The WEB groups are led by some really fantastic 8th Grade students who have spent a lot of time this summer preparing to help guide your student through their first year at DMMS. Not only will your student meet with their WEB group for orientation, but they will also check in monthly throughout the entire year!

Sixth Grade Virtual Orientation is happening on Tuesday, September 8th from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. on Google Hangout. You will receive a link to the Google Hangout your child needs to attend as an email.

We suggest that you attempt to join the meeting before 9:00 a.m. to make sure that you aren’t having any technical issues. This information will also be sent directly to your student’s Mankato Public Schools email account, so please remind them to check it.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me!

Thanks again!

Mrs. Julie Larkin-Spies, Dean of Students

Vehicle Drop-Off and Pick-Up Expectations: NEW INFORMATION!

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to Dakota Meadows! We are excited to have students and staff back in the building. The school year is going to be VERY different but we are working hard to creatively design plans to keep everyone safe and healthy. Please be aware of the number of students walking or biking to and from school. We ask all drivers to be alert and to keep a close watch for our students walking and biking.

Please adhere to the following expectations to support safety:

  • Parents drop off and pick up students in the east parking lot (door #8) near the gym before and after school.

  • Main office entrance (Door #1) and the west entrance (Door 20) are NOT designated drop-off or pick-up areas before or after school. These are busing drop off and pick areas. Please respect this request!

  • Use ALL of the sidewalk to let your student out of the vehicle.

  • This includes from under the basketball hoops around the building to Howard Drive.

  • Pull up as far as you can to Howard Drive to drop off your student; NOT right in front of door (this allows 5 more vehicles to drop off)

  • If your car stops by a sidewalk - Your child should GET OUT.

  • Students will remain outside until 8:10 a.m. due to health and safety concerns, please DO NOT drop off before 8:10 a.m.

  • Social distancing and a mask are expected.

Please see the included map diagram for additional information.

The lines will move faster if you follow these simple expectations and show consideration of other drivers.

Thank you!

Carmen Strahan - Principal

Kai Sill - Asst Principal

Julie Larkin - Spies-Dean of Students

Dakota Meadows Middle School

Daily Home Screening Guidelines for Students

Please see the attached links for information about Daily Home Screening Guidelines for Students and the MAPS COVID-19 Preparedness Plan.

Daily Home Screening Guidelines for Students

MAPS COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

6th Grade Band

Music Mart will have an instrument display set up during conferences. DMMS Music Staff will be on hand to answer any questions and help with getting registered for band.

Middle School After School:

Are you looking for something fun and engaging for your middle level student to do after school? Check out this great Community Education Program!
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DMMS Conference Information

Entrance conferences are scheduled with your student’s advisor for Tuesday, September 8th from Noon to 8:00 p.m. and Wednesday, September 9th from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m..

For our sixth grade students and families, there is an option to have your conference virtually, or in-person. If you are choosing to attend in person, please familiarize yourself with the strict health expectations that will be in place by clicking HERE. Seventh and eighth grade families will only be able to conference virtually.

A sign up link for conferences has been shared with you through the Parent Portal. If you are a 6th grade parent please be sure to note if you are requesting a virtual conference. If not noted, we will assume that you are coming to DMMS to meet in person.

After submitting your conference request through PCTFast all families scheduling virtual conferences will later receive a link to a Google Hangout from your student’s advisor.

PTA at 6th Grade Conferences

There will be a table set up near the 6th grade wing for anyone interested in joining the PTA. Please contact the Dakota Meadows Office at 507-387-5077.

Device Help With Your Chrome Book?

It is important that your mobile device is working properly for the 2020-2021 school year. If your Chromebook is in need of repair, please send an email to and set up a time to get it repaired or replaced. Please take care of this as soon as possible.

Message from the DMMS Student Support Team:

The Student Support Team is here to support all Dakota Meadow Middle School students. Because these are unusual times we need to ensure the health and safety of students and staff in every area of DMMS. Please see the following guidelines to schedule an appointment with your Student Support Team members.

Student Support Team Appointment Protocol

DMMS Standard Based Learning: IT'S HERE!

"We can't help students move forward unless we accurately identify where they are." Gerry Swan

Beginning in the fall of 2020, District 77 middle level schools will be moving to full implementation of Standards Based Learning (SBL) also known as Standard Based Grading (SBG). Please see the linked SBL Message to better understand this change and how it will help you and your child accurately identify where they are in their learning. We are confident that this approach to teaching and learning will increase student achievement and lead to clearer conversations around student learning and growth. Watch for videos to explain what to look for and how to understand SBL and Infinite Campus.

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