Bible Introduction

Helpful and useful information to understanding the bible

The Bible

The bible comes from the greek word biblios meaning "books".The bible is the sacred word of God. It is filled with many books which are divide in the Old and New Testament. Here you will learn a few things about how the bible was formed and how it works.

The books inside the Bible

In the Bible you will find historical,wisdom, and poetic books.The historical books start from about 1250 to 100 b.c. They speak about the history about the Isralites from the rise and fall of kings to their return to their Promised land. The Wisdom and Poetic books are a collection of hymns,poems,proverbs,and stories.

The divine Inspiration and The Translation of the Bible

The Holy Spirit helped the prophets know what to write, this is called divine Inspiration.The prophets wrote down and edited the stories about God that had been passed down by generations orally.The Bible has biblical inerrancy because God is the ultimate writer of the bible and since he inspired the writings they are not wrong in morals and in faith.The bible is not based on scientific or historical events . It is meant to seek out religious meanings in the stories. The translation of the bible happened when in AD 382 Pope Damascus asked Jerome to make a Latin version of the bible. Jerome created the main biblical text that was used by Catholics for many centuries. Noteworthy translations are the New American Bible;the New Jerusalem Bible;the Good News Translations, Catholic Edition; and the New Revised Standard Version,Catholic Edition.