ABC's of world war 2

Brian Garcia

A is for Allies

People, groups, or state that have joined in a alliance.

B is for Bunker

A defensive military fortification designed to protect.

C is for Camouflage

Coloration or illumination used to make objects hard to see.

D is for Democracy

A system which people are involved in making decisions.

E is for English channel

A body of water that separates southern England from northern France.

F is for Flying tigers

The first american volunteer group (avg) of the Chinese air force in 1941-1942.

G is for Gold beach

One of the five areas of the alliance invasion of German occupied France in the Normand landings.

H is for Hedgehog

A forward throwing anti-submarine weapon developed by the Royal navy.

I is for Invasion

A military action of soldiers entering a foreign land.

J is for Jump zone


K is for K-ration

An individual daily-combat food ration.

L is for London

The capital of the United Kingdom.

M is for Mine

An antitank and anti-personnel weapon.

N is for Navy

Branches of a country's armed forces.

O is for Overlord

An action that took place in world war 2.

P is for Panzen

A military vehicle (tank).

Q is for Quisling

A person who collaborates with an enemy occupying.

R is for Radar

An object-detection system.

S is for Submarine

A watercraft capable of independent operation under water.

T is for Tank

A large type of armoured fighting vehicle.

U is for United states

Is a federal republic consisting of 50 states.

V is for Victory

A success achieved in personal combat.

W is for Waves

United States naval reserve, that consisted entirely of woman.

X is for X-ray

A form of electromagnetic radiation.

Y is for Yank

A term used by the British to describe all Americans.

Z is for Zero plane

A long-long range fighter aircraft.