Forest/Wild fire

Marx and Sarah

The Positive Effects of a Forest Fire:

The positive effects of a forest fire are, first of all, they destroy overgrowth of plants, which helps because the overgrowth makes it to where other plants cant get light and don't grow. Second, they make alot more open space for new and better plants to grow, which helps give more food to new kinds of animals. Last, they help some plants grow and spread they're seeds, like the redwood trees in washington.

The Negative Effects of a Forest Fire:

Forest fires are terrible in most cases, for example: They take away a lot of trees and make they're roots die, then erosion can happen if there is rain/wind storms afterwards; They kill alot of animals; They burn down a lot of houses and trees, which help people to survive; The smoke from the fire can enter buildings and cause people to have to evacuate the building, plus it can cause they're lungs to be polluted.

Interesting Facts:

  1. Some fires are done puposefully like the redwood trees in washington.
  2. Forest fires arn't always bad they help alot of things.
  3. Forest fires actaully do cause a lot of erosion, like if it rains then ash flows happen (above middle), and sometimes since the roots of trees are killed the soil is not held together and blows around, rarely creating landslides.


On June,30 2013, the Colorado fire started, it killed 19 people and burned down trees for a week or so.