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Fishing in suamico

River fishing

April 17 2015 was a great day of fishing. Many fisher man were at the river with nets catching all the fish that they can get. The fish only swim up river once a year to lay there eggs so when they do it is a big deal for the people who want to catch them. The fish that swim up river are called suckers. They are fish that feed of the scum and dirt rom the rocks in the river. So people catch them and eat them but most people just catch them and throw them back. The fish usually swim up river enough do that predators do not eat there eggs. Some of the fish die from exhaustion but most of them make the trip. The river Rapids are full of people trying to get there catch in for the day. The fish have a hard time getting up the Rapids so it is a hot spot to go to catch them.

Isis released prisoners

An Iraqi security officer says the Islamic State group has released more than 200 Yazidi elderly and children after eight months of being trapped.

Gen. Hiwa Abdullah, a commander in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk, says that most of the 216 prisoners that were freed Wednesday are in poor health and have signs of abuse and neglect. He also said about 40 children are among those released who were transferred to Irbil, the capital of the Kurdish region, in order to receive treatment and medical help.

No reason was given for the release of the prisoners who were originally captured from the area around Sinjar. Tens of thousands of Yazidi people fled in August last year when the Islamic State group took over the town of Sinjar.

Wisconsin vs Duke

In the NCAA national championship the Wisconsin Badgers played the Duke Blue Devils. At the start of the the game the Blue Devils won the jump ball. When the half came around it was tied at 31. The real action was coming up In the second half. Wisconsin was missing free throws and 3 pointers. Frank kaminski was holding up after staying in the game for most of the time. Wisconsin and duke were both racking up fouls and everyone was getting nervous as it was a very close game. Towards the end of the game there was a huge call that needed to be made. The ball went out of bounds and it looked like it touched the finger tips of a player on dukes team. If the call was reversed Wisconsin would get the ball and could have scored to win the game. The call stayed and duke received the ball. They then went back to score the winning points and duke was named the March madness champions. There were many seniors of Wisconsin that were very sad because this was there last year for Wisconsin and wanted to end it on a good note. Both teams played very hard and gave there best effort.