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Can you say HO HO HO??? How cute are these NEW DFT (Derma Fusion Technology)

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SOLD 10 Million PLUS Last week ALONE... WOW

If you heard a supplement from GNC, sold $10 million+ dollars worth in 1 week.. you'd instantly run to the nearest store, without sampling it, without asking your doctor, throw it on the counter, and pay whatever the cashier says for the month supply.

So let me ask why.. when you've now heard thrive sold $10 million+ dollars worth last week alone, you still need to "try it for a couple days" to see if it works..or ask your doctor if it's safe? You don't honestly say that at the GNC counter do you?? Of course not.

Samples aren't gonna change your life in 3 days. You owe it to yourself to see for an entire month how amazing thrive is.