Football Should Celebrating

Celebrating Today Or No Football Tommorow

Players Should Celebrate

I think players should celebrate because they get fined to much money, it makes football not fun, fans don't like players to be flagged. If you like football this is a paper for you.

1st Reason

One reason that I think players should celebrate is if they are fined they lose to much money. For example when players get fined they lose too much money. Players end up with no money in 50 years and have a hard time finding a job. Team mates only get paid during football season. For example Antonio Brown was fined 12,154 dollars for twerking. Also, Joe Horn was fined 30,000 dollars for pulling phones from goal post.
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2nd Reason

Another reason I think players should celebrate is when fined it makes football not fun. "I think it is a reward to the player." said Cam Newton. Players get flagged and it is not fair to the fans. Players get flagged and it seams not fair to the fans. They get penalized and it is not right.
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3rd Reason

My final reason is people don't like players to get flagged. When players are flagged it waste a lot of time because they go back 15 yards. It is annoying especially when it is your favorite team. Celebrating is part of the show.


Some people disagree and say it is taunting. Although, I think it is part of the show, I you think it keeps you joyful.