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A Little Bit of History...

The ancient Olympic champions were professionals who competed for huge cash prizes as well as olive wreaths. Most forms of what we would call cheating were perfectly acceptable to them. There is evidence that they gorged themselves on meat (not a normal dietary staple of the Greeks) and experimented with herbal medications in an effort to enhance their performances. The ancient Greek athletes also drank wine potions, used hallucinogens and ate animal hearts or testicles to try to be better athletes.

Marion Jones

Marion Lois Jones is a world champion track and field athlete and a former professional basketball player for Tusla Shock in the WNBA.

The confession

Marion won five medals in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney,Australia. She was fortified from all her medals and prizes in 2007 after confessing that she took performance enhancing drugs (steroids). She also confessed that she lied about it to a grand jury investigating performance-enhancers creations by Victor Conte and the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative.

Types of PEDs





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Hannah Gombar

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