West Linn Equity Team Newsletter

Recent Rise in Violence Towards Asians, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders

We wanted to just take a moment to address the shootings that occurred yesterday in Atlanta, Georgia. Like so many around the nation, we are deeply disturbed and disheartened by the recent rise in violence and discrimination targeting the Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander communities. We stand in solidarity with the Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander members of our own WLHS community.

We invite all Lions to join us in rejecting racism, xenophobia, and all forms of white supremacy. If you, your family, or friends are in need of support, please reach out to your affinity club advisors; Mrs. Karmakar, Mrs. Hamm Tinsley, Ms. Bonham, Mr. Millan, and Ms. Pyrch, your counselor, or an administrator. We will take your statements seriously and will follow up until there is resolution. Here are some resources to report both urgent and nonurgent safety concerns or incidents.

SafeOregon Tipline (https://app.safeoregon.com/)
WLWV Non-Urgent Safety Concern (http://www2.wlwv.k12.or.us/DistrictDepts/Operations/DistrictSafety_files/Safety.htm)
PUAH at www.reporthatepdx.com
Oregon Department of Justice’s Bias Response Hotline at 1-844-924-BIAS
711 for Oregon Relay, or at StandAgainstHate.Oregon.gov (https://www.doj.state.or.us/oregon-department-of-justice/bias-crimes/about-the-law/)
Stop AAPI Hate (https://stopaapihate.org/)– incidents can be reported and also find additional resources

Please consider joining our Affinity Club meeting tomorrow at 2:30 pm over zoom. Affinity Club advisors will be present to help students process, find resources, take action, or just spend time with others in a brave space. The link to our meeting is located in our Affinity Club Google Classroom. Please email Mrs. Karmakar at karmakam@wlwv.k12.or.us for the classroom code if you are not already a member of the class.

Student Affinity Groups @ WLHS

For those of you that identify as a person of color, several affinity groups have been created for students to come together and share common experiences and express their cultural identities in a safe and nurturing space.

  • WLHS Affinity Group: All students that identify as a person of color are invited to this social and educational group. It meets the fourth Thursday of every month via zoom. The leadership board meets the third Thursday of every month via zoom. Please join our google classroom for updates and announcements. Use code gg3243y to join the WLHS Affinity Club. Contact Mrs. Karmakar for more information.

  • Indigenous Student Union: A club for students that identify as American Indian, Native American, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, First Nations and Indigenous groups of the Americas. Meeting dates to be announced. It meets twice a month at lunch. Contact Club Advisor Lauren Pyrch for more information.

  • Black Student Union: A club for students that identify as Black or African American. Meeting dates to be announced. Contact Club Advisor Michelle Bonham for more information.

  • MEChA: MEChA stands for Movimiento Estudiantil Chicana/o de Aztlan. The student organization has roots starting from the Chicano/Civil Rights Movement in the late ‘60s. Today, high school MEChAs focus on getting Latin American students into leadership roles, scholarships opportunities, and post¬secondary schools. The West Linn MEChA club’s purpose is to serve the community, learn about each other's culture, perform civic duties, gain leadership skills in the form of organizing events, and most importantly help each other succeed and reach our full academic potential. Contact Club Advisor Raul Millan for more information.

  • Middle Eastern and Indian Sub Continent: A club for students that identify as Middle Eastern, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Nepali, Bhutanese, or Sri Lakan. Meeting dates to be announced. Contact Club Advisor Meagyn Karmakar for more information.

  • Pacific Island and East Asian: A club for students that identify as Asian or any indigenous groups of the Pacific Islands. Meeting dates to be announced. Club Advisor: Currently unfilled

Please consider joining our conversations throughout the school year at many of the clubs and activities with West Linn United, a club founded on principles of activism toward racial equity, inclusion, and unity. This club is open to all students regardless of race or ethnicity. Contact Club Advisor James Coombs or Conor Greaney for more information.

Resources and Readings

This list will be updated often with helpful references and readings

Resources for discussing race with your children and family members.

Resources for your own anti-racist education:

  • How to be an Anti-Racist by Ibram X. Kendi

  • White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo

  • Waking Up White by Debby Irving

  • How to be Less Stupid About Race by Crystal M. Fleming

  • So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo

  • How Does it Feel to Be a Problem? by Moustafa Bayoumi

  • White Kids by Margaret Hagerman

Community Groups:

West Linn Alliance for Inclusive Community: westlinnalliance.org

Wilsonville Alliance for Inclusive Communities: www.wilsonvillealliance.org

Building Bridges: buildingbridgeswlor@gmail.com

Planned Events

BIPOC Family Night: September 29 at 5:30 via zoom, a webinar presented by WLHS Equity Team

Who We Are

For further conversation or resources, please feel free to reach out to any WLHS Equity Team Members. We would love to hear from you and hope to see you at some of our events next year.

Equity Team Contact List:

Jenn Howe: HoweJ@wlwv.k12.or.us, co-chair

Meagyn Karmakar: Karmakam@wlwv.k12.or.us, co-chair

Christy Bray: BrayC@wlwv.k12.or.us

Michelle Bonham: BonhamM@wlwv.k12.or.us

James Coombs: CoombsJ@wlwv.k12.or.us

Anna Crandall: CrandalA@wlwv.k12.or.us

Jan Dickinson: DickinsJ@wlwv.k12.or.us

Jackie Hamm: HammJ@wlwv.k12.or.us

Paul Hanson: HansonP@wlwv.k12.or.us

Todd Jones: JonesT@wlwv.k12.or.us

Trevor Menne: MenneT@wlwv.k12.or.us

Raúl Millán: MillanR@wlwv.k12.or.us

Ryan Mooney: MooneyR@wlwv.k12.or.us

Stephanie Neilson: NeilsonS@wlwv.k12.or.us

Greg Neuman: NeumanG@wlwv.k12.or.us

Lauren Pyrch: PyrchL@wlwv.k12.or.us

MJ Steele: SteeleMJ@wlwv.k12.or.us