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Kindergarten News! September 16, 2016

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Thank you to everyone who attended our Spirit Night & Curriculum presentations. If you were not able to attend, or have not received information from that night, contact your child's teacher for a copy of the presentation to make sure you're up to date with Kindergarten expectations.

School Times

Just as a reminder doors open at 7:20 and students need to be in their seats ready start the day at 7:40!

Our lunch is at 10:00.

Our specials and conference times are at 2:00. (We have P.E. everyday. Please always be prepared with appropriate shoes.)

If you need to sign your child out early for an appointment or submit a ride change, both of these things need to be done by by 2:15.

Our day concludes at 3:00.

Change of Clothes

Please be sure to provide a change of clothes for your child to be kept in their backpack or locker throughout the year in case of an accident or emergency. Thank you!

Save the Dates

Parent/Teacher Conferences will begin the week of Oct. 3

Half Day Dismissal - October 7, 2016

Big Kahuna Fundraiser (going on now until 9/29/16)

Help Your Child Support Their School!

Your child has brought home their very first fundraising packet. This is an exciting time for the children and our school! Please help your child participate! They can start earning prizes after selling their very first item! (Don't forget to turn in tickets to your child's teacher after every item sold to be entered into the drawing!) 15 items sold earns a ride to lunch in a limo! (20 item family plan) - See the packet for all details!

Thank you for your participation!

Remind 101

Please make sure you have joined your classroom teacher's REMIND 101 (Ask your teacher for her specific code)

Please also sign up for our school wide Remind 101 that our Principal, Mrs. Tremain, will send out with reminders and announcements. She also uses this in case of emergencies. Join with the code @Petersonfa

Spirit Wear

Your child should have brought home a complimentary, blue, Mustang Nation t-shirt to keep for their school spirit wear collection! (If they did not receive theirs contact your child's teacher)

If you would like to show your school spirit too, or want your child to have more options, please follow this link to purchase your spirit wear! (Several sleeve styles and sweatshirts available)



Especially at this time of year, our Kindergarten students need a lot of help at lunch time. We would like to have some volunteers help us as "Lunch Helpers". Our helpers would need to be available from 10:00 -10:30 to help open packages, pass out trash cans, help in the lunch line, etc. If you are available to help on a certain day of the week we would love to have you! We would love for this to be a weekly occurrence, if possible. Please sign up below! Thank you to those who signed up and helped us out this week!


Reflections Contest

Entry forms and guidelines can be found at http://www.txpta.org/programs/reflections/participate/

  • All entries are due by 10/28/16
  • Please submit all entries to your teacher or the front office
  • Please contact Rachelle Schumacher, PTA President at rachelle.shumacher@yahoo.com for any questions

Million Word Challenge

As a school, we are beginning the "Million Word Challenge." This is a goal we aim to accomplish by the end of the school year! It is broken up by grade level, and the Kindergarten expectation for meeting the end of year challenge goal is to read 20 minutes each night - reaching at least 400 minutes monthly. This can be accomplished with a combination of you reading to them, them reading to you, and even sight word practice.

You will find a reading log has been added to the end of your student's Rockstar folder. Please follow the directions found on it & initial after every 20 minutes read. Students will be allowed to color their log when at least 400 minutes have been logged. Thank you for your support in this!

We will celebrate your child's accomplishments at the end of the year with a fun school wide event that will be announced at a later date.

This Week's Letters & Sight Words

Letters & Sounds: Cc and Ee

Sight Words: and, it, green

What We're Learning This Week

Reading- We will be continuing to learn about concepts of print like using picture clues, letters vs. words, beginning and endings of words and sentences, and spaces between words. We will also be talking about re-reading "old favorites" and matching the words and pictures when we are "reading" out loud. We will be concentrating on finding and reading our sight words in our books and pointing to words as we read.

Word Work- We will be working on creating sentences, rhyming, and handwriting.

Writing- We will be talking about telling a story out loud and turning that story into an illustration, planning our writing, and how to share our writing in the author's chair.

Math- We will be working on sorting in different ways. We will also be starting our beginning of the year math testing this week.

Science- We will be starting our unit on the 5 senses. This week we will be talking about sound & touch.

Social Studies-We will be learning about the United States flag and how to work and play together.

Family Constitution Examples (September Homework) Due 9/23

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How to help at home

This week: SEPTEMBER HOMEWORK: Family Constitution (Due on or before Sept. 23)


-Work on our Letters & sight words of the week! Students should know how to read, write, and spell these. This includes proper handwriting.

-Read with your child at least 20 minutes a night (Look in their blue Rock Star folder for different strategies to help with this) We have begun our Million Word Challenge & 20 minutes a night is the Kindergarten expectation to meet our yearly goal.

  • Have your child point to each word as they read

-Work on counting (at least 1-20 or to 100!), and matching numbers to objects. (ex: Ask them to show you 5 m&ms)

Other Skills To Work On:

-Please work with your student on

  • writing their full name
  • Letter ID & Sounds
  • Tying their shoes
  • Knowing their birthday