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How Sesbania Gum Powder works as Resistant Reduction?

Sesbania Gum Powder

It is extracted by processing its seeds. The product appears in while loose milky powder and is soluble in water, insoluble in organic solvents and application remains based on this property. This product also acts as sizing, thickening and viscous agent. Factories prefer it with respect to the property they need for processing.

Fluid Cracking Process of Oil Factory

Sesbania Gum Powder plays an important role in oil industry. When it comes to oil factor, fluid cracking is a significant method applied to increase productivity rate. There is special kind of preparation done for this process and presence of resistant bearing ingredient is considered important to carry on with this technology. Its seed extract in powder form functions as a resistance reduction agent and tacklifier in the process of liquid cracking and considered very effective for increasing oil production level.

How does it work?

It also works as a blocking agent and resists water entry or reduces its presence in oil manufacturing process. This produce is added with other ingredients and gives out excellent result for industrial production functions.

Buying Genuine Seed Extracts

Alrafine Gums has achieved market potential through maintaining excellent scope of merchandizing quality product. It is a genuine destination to find superior quality of industrially applicable guar, cassia tore, tamarind kernel gum powder, sesbania and much more similar range of products.

Manufacturing Standards

Our products are compatible with existing additives and stays excellent substitute as well. Apart from that, we following environmentally controlled and chemically examined by highly experienced professionals who then observe tests results based on bacteriological statistics. These features take our manufactured goods to highly competitive level in global market. In addition

Types of Products

The company produces food grade thickeners, naturally extracted plant seed gums for textile printing and sizing ingredient and organic paper gums which are produced in accordance with international standards. For more information about Fennel Seed visit at -

Research and Development

R & D has become significant part of any manufacturing industry. Quality and reliability of creations can be maintained to standard level only with the help of constant research and improvement features. Our professionals inspect our creation at each stage of making to ensure eminence. They follow depolymerization in order to obtain germ-free guar gum.

Production Matching Specifications

Worthiness of merchandize remains not just following few standards of operation. One of the biggest reasons for our brand popularity in global business is the list of customary rules our team adhere to. For instance we follow Current Good Manufacturing Procedures (CGMP), Sanitary Standard Operation Procedures (SSOP) which is assured typical for creation. Other operations including packaging, selection of raw materials, analysis and determination of superiority until transit of materials Altrafine works within the required limitations.


Plant seeds have been recognized for their tremendous properties for which they are regarded in several industrial applications. Guar, sesbania, tamarind, fenugreek, cassia tora are some of the important varieties of plants whose kernels are processed and endosperm is extracted to convert into powder form for further application. The final residue is the key factor ingredient added in many industrial processes.