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October 16, 2020

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Indigenous Peoples' Day

Recently, Governor Ralph Northam announced that for the first time in Virginia history the state would recognize Indigenous Peoples' Day on Monday, October 12. Gov. Northam stated, “As a country and as a Commonwealth, we have too often failed to live up to our commitments with those who were the first stewards of the lands we now call Virginia—and they have suffered historic injustices as a result."

Virginia is home to 11 state-recognized Indian tribes, including the Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian Tribe, Chickahominy Indian Tribe, Chickahominy Indians Eastern Division, Mattaponi Indian Tribe, Monacan Indian Nation, Nansemond Indian Tribe, Nottoway Indian Tribe of Virginia, Pamunkey Indian Tribe, Patawomeck Indian Tribe of Virginia, Rappahannock Tribe and the Upper Mattaponi Indian Tribe. Seven of these tribes are federally recognized.

FCPS Student Transition Plan Update

In preparation for face to face instruction, the preschool staff have worked exceptionally hard preparing for Orientation Week at the Walker-Grant Center. During orientation events families were given information about their daily schedule and transportation. All preschool children will return to school one day a week starting October 19th. For transportation purposes and adhering to CDC recommendations, the day of the week that students attend is based on the area in which they live. Families will be notified of the day each week their students will come to school. Thank you to all the families for their dedication!

Distance Learning Resources

FCPS is committed to assisting our students and families with resources to be successful virtual learners. We are excited to announce that the Academic Language Learner team is creating family engagement videos in a variety of languages. This first video is completed and demonstrates to families how to locate Canvas with Spanish audio and writing. Check out the FCPS Distance Learning Resources webpage for more information.


Dr. Marceline Catlett


FCPS to Participate in Unity Day 2020

Wear and share orange to show that we are together against bullying, and united for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.

Make it ORANGE and make it end! What are your true colors when it comes to showing that you believe that all youth should be safe from bullying? Come together in one giant ORANGE message of hope and support, WEAR AND SHARE ORANGE to color our nation, and even the world, visibly showing that our society believes that no child should ever experience bullying.

Be on the lookout for more information from your child's school.

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Voices of Schooling During the Double Pandemic

The Black Covid Project of the Harvard Library and the Harvard Graduate School of Education is committed to partnering with James Monroe High School to document the voices of its

students, teachers, parents, staff, and administrators during the unprecedented challenges of our moment, the double pandemic.

The Harvard Library will offer a journal writing workshop with writing coach, Janay Graham. Learning to tell one’s story through writing as a daily exercise is not only an academic skill, it is a practice that builds community and fosters self-care. During the journal writing workshop, we’ll also offer a hands-on craft session. Librarians from Harvard’s Preservation Services will show you how to sew your own journal from a list of common supplies. We encourage you to personalize your journals on the inside and out!

Get inspired by prompts and prose from your peers and others in the FCPS community and take part in writing history. At the end of a year of documenting your school

experiences, the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Gutman Library invites you to record your history by contributing your journals to its Voices of Schooling During the Double Pandemic Collection.

To participate please mail: dclaytonfulcher@cityschools.com

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