The Midwest

By Ciara

people from the midwest

French people who were french like Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliett explored the area of Mississippi river in 1673. They called the area New France.The great lakes are 5 huge lakes from the Midwest.Bill Hartwig from the nationalwildlife refuge System is one of the many people who work to keep the great lakes clean.

Our Presidents

The Midwest region is home to both important and fun places to come and visit.Mount Rushmore honors president Washington, Jefferson and T. Roosevelt and Lincoln.Each head is about 60 feet tall.Our 16th president Abarham lincoln was born and raised in springfield illinois lincolnc parents were among the first settlers to move to the midwest.

Midwest region

The Midwest region

Some say that the giant footstep of Paul Bunyan and his blue ox babe created Minnesotas 10,000 lakes.The american bison was very important to native .Today there are about 350,000 in the very united states of america.The great lakes make a good home for plants and animals.

The Great lakes

Bill Hartwig is one of the many people who work hard to keep the great lakes very very clean.Today the great lakes are the largest group of fresh water lakes in the world.there so big you can see them from outer space.The mid west has many lakes help make soil fertile for farming.