The Collapse of Easter Island

By: Kameron Ong & Joseph Turner


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Easter Island is a Chilean owned island based in the Pacific Ocean. It is known as the most habitable scrap of land in the world. Deforestation was a major cause in the collapse of the society. Evidence suggests the people cut down 6,000,000 trees in 300 years. It was said that once the people had started to chop down the trees, they didn't stop until they were all gone. In the book, Collapse by Jared Diamond, he stated that the island diminished because they "destroyed itself by over exploiting its own resources."


Other evidence shows suggestions of English explorers bringing new diseases that the original people weren't able to fight off. Also,evidence indicates that the people dramatically changed their social structure from one dominated by chiefs to one that was much more fair to the People. This pattern of changing rulers may have cause corruption and outbursts.