Age of exploration FINISHED ONE

Sir Francis Drake

Who is Sir Francis Drake ?

Drake was born on July13,1540 in, Tavistock United Kingdom. He died on January28,1596. He grew up as an explore and was known as the Queen's pirate. He traveled to many places and had secret voyages.

Who financed his voyages and who did he sail for?

The people who Financed his voyages were the English and he sailed for Queen Elizabeth

Rubric answers

The nation he sailed for was South America because Queen Elizabeth era commissioned him to lead the exposition. The people who finance his voyages was England. After defeat at Nobre de dios, Drakes fleet moved father west and anchorea off the coast of Portobello, Panama. There Drake contracted dysentery on January 28,1596 died of a fever. Hr was buried at in a lead coffin near Portobello wearing full armor
Sir Francis Drake, The Queen's Pirate