Prairie Presentation

By: Mark Perez

Experiencing The Prairie

During my experience at the prairie, I tried to get away from other people so that I could think by myself and experience the five senses on my own. When I first got out of the bus, the first thing I wanted to do was to explore the prairie and find the coolest parts of it. As I was walking around the prairie, I was easily able to realize how hard it was to walk and how thick the grass was. While I was taking note while lying in the grass I almost fell asleep just because of how peaceful it was. My overall favorite thing about the prairie was being able to connect things to the book My Antonia and getting to see more of a picture of what things were like.

Book Connections

As Willa Cather would describe the prairie in the book she would give a good detailed description about the way the prairie looked. I was able to picture it in my head but not completely like the way it was out there. Cather describes the wind through the prairie as making it look like it is running. As I watched the wind blow through the prairie, I was clearly able to see what she meant by the term running as the wind kept a constant flow through the grass. I think it would have been cool to watch the sunset while we were there so that we could have seen what the sun looks like through the grass and the way the grass would change color. A connection to the book would be how Jim and Antonia would run through the prairie. I was able to feel how hard it is to run through it without almost twisting your ankle. Overall, I think Willa Cather did a great job describing the prairie because her words practically leave the same picture in your head as when you actually experience it.