Dead and Breakfast

By. Tejas Metha, Abhinav Soma, and Nitin Udaikumar

Who we think done it?

We think that Horace Throate did it because we have the evidence to prove it.

Evidence #1

We know that Horace Throate was near Dusty Mantel when he died and also Eve Dropper but we know that she did not do it even though she was near Dusty.

Evidence #2

In the Toxicology report of Dusty Mantel these traces or elements were found in his body which were Sodium, Iron, Carbon, and Gold. The rat poison with Eve Dropper's fingerprints on it does not match the elements in Dusty's body.Horace worked with Potassium Cyanide because he worked with refinishing metal such as nickel, brass, gold, and silver.

Evidence #3

Horace Throate had some grudges against Dusty and wanted to get the money from Dusty that he had owed in past auctions.

Our Conclusion

Our Conclusion is that Horace worked with gold, silver, nickel, and brass. In the Toxicology report it said gold, silver, carbon, and sodium was found in Dusty's body. Metal refinishing used potassium cyanide which Horace used when working with those elements.