Enzyme Workshop

7th March 2015

A healthier you

Jiseon from Seon Eco Village in Bonnievale will be teaching us about Korean cooking, natural enzymes and how to make enzyme rich drinks from simple ingredients. You will make your own enzyme drink to take home with you to ferment. She will also discuss body types to help you to improve your health.

Enzymes are polymer proteins found in every living creature and are essential for vital body processes such as healthy digestion, internal organs, nerves, muscles and brain function as well as a strong immune system and sound sleep.

Processed food contains preservatives and chemicals that our bodies cannot process and much of our food is cooked or pasteurised at high temperatures killing the good enzymes in our food.

Taking enzymes regularly can help maintain a healthy pH, eliminate foreign substances, create intestinal balance and boost your immune system.

Health enzyme workshop

Saturday, March 7th, 9am-5pm

4 Dianthus Road

Cape Town, WC

Cost: R 650 per person

Included: all materials and lunch

Seon is Korea's own culture of meditation, breathing, health, eco-living and mind training. Seon is a culture that tries to understand and love all people, nature and the universe.


9:00 am -12 :00 pm: 5 elements and 10 bodytypes.

12:00 pm -13 :00 pm: Korean cooking class.

13:00 pm -14:00 pm: Lunch Time (food included) gluten and dairy free.

14:00 pm -17:00 pm: Enzyme Making.

Fun Facts about Enzymes

Enzymes are good for pregnant women. Pomegranate enzymes are very helpful for supporting reproductive organ and good digestion. Enzyme therapy is a plan of dietary supplements of plant and animal enzymes used to facilitate the digestive process and improve the body's ability to maintain balanced metabolism.