TMB Update

We just wanted to send out some of the updates we've been talking about in rehearsal and class in written form to be able to refer back to. As with anything, let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Ms. Peterik and Mrs. Fernsberg

Cancellation of a Rehearsal

We originally had a rehearsal on the calendar scheduled for Friday, October 2nd from 3:30-5:00 pm. This was to get extra practice in before a competition. Since we are not competing and after talking to our section leaders, we have decided to cancel this rehearsal. This change has been reflected on our TMB Google Calendar on the website.

TMB Pictures

We are currently working with Illini Studio to set a date for pictures. We are mostly looking at doing individual pictures in our band polos and maybe a group photo in formation on the field or something similar.

We tried to schedule it on that Friday, October 2nd rehearsal, but they were unavailable that day. We are still waiting to hear back on what our options are. We will send out that information as soon as we know anything.

Instrument Covers and Slitted Masks

Instrument covers and slitted masks have been handed out to all the wind players at the past 2 Monday night rehearsals. These items help mitigate the spread of aerosol particles as students play their instruments as shown in the study being done at the University of Colorado. It is an added level of safety for marching band. Students need to make sure they bring these items to every in person rehearsal.

If a student forgets their mask or cover, they can see us and we can let them borrow one. These borrowed covers or masks will need to be returned at the end of rehearsal so that they can be washed. There were 3 students that came and got these at rehearsal this past Monday, please make sure you return those to us this coming Monday so we can take care of cleaning them.

If a student loses their mask or cover, they will need to pay a replacement fee to keep the new one. You can see these fees below.

Big picture
Big picture

Merchandise Update

At this point, all merchandise (except show shirts) has been handed out. This includes sunglasses, polos, lyres and flip folders, color guard shoes, and UDB app licenses. If you have not received something from your order, please notify us and we'll take care of it.

Show shirts are in the process of being ordered- we've just hit a few snags in getting them ordered. We will hopefully have them soon.

Grades - from the email sent 9/13 through Skyward

If students are missing assignments, if they are turned in, students can get at least half credit for the assignment, which would be better than no credit. It has been offered many times in class for extra help when students don’t understand, but no one has come to us with questions.

As far as missed rehearsals, if students or parents contact us with the reason why a student missed a rehearsal, it can be changed to not count against the student. Communication is key, especially during this unconventional year.

We don’t really want to give zeros in marching band, but if students aren’t turning in their assignments or communicating about absences, we don’t have a choice. The assignments are meant to keep students accountable for their work in the class, as we’d normally be doing if we were meeting in person every day. Check the Google classroom and Skyward to see missing assignments. If there are problems with assignments or doing them, students need to reach out to the teachers.

Contact us with questions or concerns

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