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The Cayman Islands can boast itself as a major international financial center thanks to the notable fact it has more registered businesses than it does people. Don’t let business distract you from the beauty of this tropical paradise. Consisting of three islands, the Caymans are a haven for snorkelers and scuba enthusiasts alike. Whether it’s a swim with stingrays or a dive to explore the remains of one its several shipwrecks, the Caymans offer plenty for the water enthusiast. The Cayman Islands are a must for the person looking for it all. Come and experience everything offered by this lush tropical paradise ("Cayman Islands" Cayman).
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Christopher Columbus may have seen the group of three islands during his final voyage to the New World in 1503, but during his English expedition in 1586, Sir Francis Drakes is credited for claiming the name Cayman after the local word for alligator, "caiman." For the next 150 years the islands were congregated by various settlers, refugees, and deserters until 1670 when the Treaty of Madrid gave control to the English and Jamaica. In 1734, after several failed attempts to create a settlement due to the colonial wars of the 17th century, the islands were finally colonized. By the end of the 19th century were under the dependency of the Jamaica colony until after World War II. Then in 1962 the Caymanians rejected an offer to be governed by a newly independent Jamaica and voted to stay under British rule (Minahan).

Because the Cayman Islands are a British overseas territory, the British monarch serves as head of state, with an appointed governor as the Crown's local representative. The United Kingdom is also responsible for the Cayman Islands' defense and external affairs. However, the territory is autonomous in internal affairs, which are managed by

the Legislative Assembly, an 18 seat body that is headed by the leader of government business, generally the head of the majority party. Currently, the People's Progressive Movement holds a majority in the Legislative Assembly, with the United Democratic Party the main opposition party ("Cayman Islands" World).

Ethnic Background

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The Caymanian Dialect

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