Middle East News

By: Abby Mrsny


Aquifer means an underground rock layer that water flows through. This deals with this chapter because Libya has no permanent rivers, but the aquifers lie beneath the vast desert. Also in the 1990s the goverment built pipelines to carry underground water from the desert to the coastal lines.


Erg means a huge area of shifting sand dunes in the Sahara. This deals with this chapter because these Ergs are located in another range Ahaggar which lies south of Algeria. And between those two mountain ranges is where the Ergs are located.


Casbahs means this is an older section in Algerian cities. This deals with this section because many of the Algiers like to visit the casbahs. They also walk down narrow streets, stopping to bargain with merchants in bazaars. And many of them live in the modern part of the city, but if the people who like vintage type stuff they would like to live here.

Egypt's Main Crops

Egypts main crops are sugarcane, grains, vegetables, fruits, and cotton.

Biggest Desert in the world!

Some facts on the Sahara Desert.

1. The Eastern and Libyan Deserts are part of the Sahara, which is the world's largest desert.

2. It stretches from Egypt westward across North Africa to the Atlantic Ocean.

3. The Sahara is about the size of the United States.

Most Important Waterway!

Some facts on the Suez Canal.

1. It is a human-made waterway, it separates the Sinai Penninsula from the rest of Egypt.

2. Egyptians and Europeans built the canal in the mid- 1860s.

3. The Suez Canal is still one of the most important waterways.