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Hancock Elementary School

What a wonderful week!

Dear Hancock Families,

We had a great week! Thank you parents for your patience as we got all of our kiddos into our classes on time. We hope you love the new driveway for car riders. It is so much faster than last year. If there is anything you need for your child, please write a note to the teacher and we will take care of it. :)

We are looking forward to a successful year.

Lissa Archuletta, Principal

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Names on Backpacks and Jackets

Please write your child's name on their belongings so they may be returned if lost.

Lost and found will be in the cafeteria. You may check on items between 8:30-10:00 am.

All leftover items not claimed are donated at the end of each month.


Check Out Early notification

We do not accept notes after 2:30 to check students out early.

If you must check out your child, please make sure you have sent a note with your child before 2:30.

We do not accept phone call notices.

Children are required to attend a minimum of 75,600 minutes (including intermissions and recess). Checking out students early or arriving late counts against your child's minutes.

Safety Drills

This week we completed two drills.

  • Fire Drill
  • Intruder Drill

The kids did great and were very good listeners.

FREE Breakfast and Lunch for ALL of our HAWKS!

Friendly Reminders...

  1. The building opens at 7:50 for children to eat breakfast or go to class.
  2. Breakfast will be in the cafeteria beginning at 7:50.
  3. Pre-K students will go to their classroom. The PK teachers will take all of their students to the cafeteria for breakfast together.
  4. All breakfast will be eaten in the cafeteria and not in the rooms. Food is not allowed to be eaten in the classroom. If your child brings their own breakfast, they will need to eat it in the cafeteria.
  5. 8:15 is considered tardy.
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Lunch visitors beginning September 12th

The first few weeks of school are a time for teachers to have students learn and practice cafeteria and lunch procedures.

To help with this, we ask that parents wait a few weeks before coming to eat lunch with their child.

**Details for visitors will come in future newsletters. Stay tuned.

Traffic patterns

As you can see we have more space this year so traffic patterns have been determined. We shared this information at Meet the Teacher but we want to give a bit of help on the first day.

All car riders will be dropped off and picked up from our new driveway on Schroeder. Once you enter the driveway, you will make two lanes. Our staff will unload several cars at a time. Please have your child ready to exit their vehicle. Parents do not need to get out of their cars as this slows the line. The child will exit your car on the passenger side. You will be signaled to move once the group of children is safely on the curb. The wait will be brief if the children are ready to exit. Once the children have exited the car and you are signaled to move forward, you will merge into one lane and turn right onto Schroeder Rd. If you turn left, you are holding up all school traffic.

*After 3 late pick-ups for car riders in the afternoon, your child will become a bus rider. Please make sure you are in the car rider line waiting on your child.

  • The Special Ed driveway is not a drop zone.
  • Please respect our traffic patterns for safety.
  • Bus lanes are not for parking and walking your child. You may park in the parking lot or get in the car rider line.

All walkers will enter from Prestonwood Forest. There will be a staff member at the gate to retrieve your child. There is no need for a parent to walk the children up to the building. At the end of the day, a staff member will bring the walkers to the back gate of Prestonwood Forest to dismiss the children to the adult there to greet them. We are not dismissing walkers to parents in vehicles. That makes them car riders.

  • PK & Kinder will not be released on their own.
  • 1st-5th will be released to walk on their own as stated on the walker registration form with parent permission.

If you have not completed the form: they will not be a walker on the first day.

7:50-8:05 is the time we will accept walkers in the morning. After 8:05, you will need to walk your child to the front as the staff needs to get started with their day.

3:40 is the time we dismiss, please be at the gate waiting on your child.

All Bus riders will be picked up and brought to school by the cafeteria doors to enjoy their breakfast before heading to class. PM bus riders will be dismissed at 3:40. Buses will depart as soon as all children are on the bus. The bus drivers are making sure to dismiss the children safely to the correct stop and to an adult.

Club Rewind children can be dropped in the front for a staff member to buzz them in. They will have the opportunity to eat breakfast and head to class on time.

Daycare buses will drop the children off at the back of the campus and the children will walk to the building. Daycare will be dismissed in the back of the building. If your daycare bus is late, we will contact you. If your child has to be absent, please contact the daycare so they are not held up looking for your child.

Let's please work together so that arrival and dismissal remain safe for all staff and students.

Add to your calendar...Dates are subject to change so please always check this schedule.

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August 29:

  • PK-5 ELAR September DPM Window Opens-until September 23

September 5:

  • Labor Day-Holiday for all

September 6:

  • PK-5 ELAR September DPM Window Opens-until September 23

September 8:

  • School Board Meeting-Work Session

September 12:

  • PK-5 ELAR September DPM Window Opens-until September 23
  • BOY MAP Growth Assessment Window-until September 23
  • Read 180 Reading Inventory-until September 23
  • School Board Meeting

September 13:

  • CPOC Meeting-Public Hearing
  • Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night 5-7
September 15:
  • 5th grade Math Unit 1 & 2 Checkpoint

September 16:

  • 4th grade Math Unit 1 Checkpoint

September 19:

  • PK-5 ELAR September DPM Window Opens until September 23 (Last Week of Window!)

September 20:

  • 4th grade Science Unit Test
  • 3rd grade Math Unit 2 Checkpoint
September 26:
  • Teacher Work Day-No Students

October 1:

  • Mobile Library-see flyer