Digital Badging April Newsletter

April 2017 Issue 14

2016-17 Badge Stats

Digital Badges Issued: 8044

Summit Badges Issued: 433

Schools and Programs Badging: 33

Community Endorsers: 42

Bright Spots

Shout to Lindsay Folker at Park Lane Elementary! After learning about Digital Badging she knew that her students, with work they were already doing, would qualify for many of our Digital Badges. After sitting down for a quick planning session, Lindsay figured out 4 ways that her students could Badges based off the work in their Google Drive and in notebooks in their classroom. Nice work, Lindsay!

A huge congrats to all the teachers and support staff that made Girl's Tech Camp a huge success. 6th grade girls from the district were involved in STEM activities all day long and had the opportunity to earn 5 Digital Badges for their skill development during this fun filled, exciting day.

Endorser Highlight - Red Line Gallery

One of our newest endorsers is Red Line Gallery. They are a studio and workspace for upcoming artists focusing on promoting arts education in Denver. When your students earn Summit Badges, they may have an opportunity to visit Red Line and learn about the incredible work they do for our local artists here in Colorado. Visit their website to learn more!

Know of a company who may want to partner with APS? Contact Josh Kusch, our Specialist for Programs and Partnerships.

Program Updates

  • Students can now choose from any of our Endorsers when exchanging their APS Summit Badge for an experience with one of our Badge Endorsers.
  • We have just found our 40th Endorser for the year! We now have more endorsers than ever so your students can find just an experience that is just right for them.
  • See our updated list here, or check it out below!
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Summer Training Opportunities

Want to learn more about Digital Badging this summer? Join our team at two conferences to expand your knowledge around the world of micro-credentials.

Click here to go to the Digital Badge website.