Badlands in South Dakota

My trip involved physical science. We got to climb on rocks of the Badlands and we learned that they were formed by water. This is physical science because I climbed on the rocks.

Most Interesting Part of the Badlands

While we were taking pictures/climbing, we saw rocks that looked like sunsets. Some were red, others purple, and most were yellow and orange or a blend of all the colors of a sunset. They were crumbly and slippery and I almost fell like eight times.

About Me

I am VERY disorganized. Like my locker makes a trash dump look like an organized pile. I have been riding horses for about six years, I am a Marvel fangirl and I have a fat dog named Pippen at my Mom's house. I doodle a lot, like when I'm bored or confused. Outside of class I can be quite, but I am usually very loud, weird, and crazy outside of class.