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Innovation and Transformational Network Capstone Video

DPS Innovation Network

Dartmouth Public Schools Core Innovation and Transformational Network Team meet with Ray McNaulty and Bill Daggett for our final Professional Development and networking session. Our final project was to created a video of our journey during this network. Each of the 15 districts that were chosen to participate in this network highlighted their work and discussed challenges, accomplishments and next steps. It was enlightening to listen and learn from districts across the nation. The focus is to collaboratively study best practices, apply principals of innovation to their district-wide planning and work, and reflect on the practices and outcomes. Our focus of collaboratively studying best practices and applying principals of innovation to our district-wide planning has provided us a greater knowledge and understanding what our students need. We are looking forward to continuing this great innovative work and reflecting on instructional practices and outcomes.

During this work we identified our GPS statement: Using personalized and blended learning, we will create a rigorous, relevant, and risk-rewarding culture that fosters ingenuity and curiosity, inspires collaboration and exploration beyond borders, and consequently develops employable, responsible citizens who live interesting lives. To accomplish this, the district expands mindsets through ongoing and embedded support and guidance; allows students to do the doing; fosters a learning environment that promotes confidence, efficacy, and self-awareness; and measures student outcomes in a progressive and equitable manner.

Through this network, Dartmouth Public School District has accomplished major shifts in instructional impacts, including from teacher directed to student directed, from completion focused to mastery focused, from summative focused to formative focused, from teacher-set goals to student-set goals, and from students as consumers to students as creators. Though these shifts are ongoing, the positive changes to date were accomplished by shifting the educational focus from traditional to blended and personalized learning, allowing students and teachers to take risks. Our Core Team as well as Ambassadors continue to work to insure instructional impact remains purposeful, intentional, targeted, and relevant.

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Project TIME Mentees discuss Skillful Teacher

Project TIME Mentees discussed the Skill Teacher, by Jon Saphier, Unit 1 using Padlet! Join in on the fun and keep the conversation going, add comments or a reaction to their thoughts!

Thank You!

DPS School Committee held a thank-you reception for our maintenance and custodial personnel! Many thanks to this great crew!


Students in kindergarten have spent the first few weeks of school learning letters and sounds and have completed the first unit of Study in Phonics. They are now "walking through life differently, as readers!" Along with learning songs and the movements, creating partnerships and becoming members of the Rug Clubs, students in Kindergarten are loving their mascot, Mabel! It seems Mabel has quickly become an integral member of our kindergarten classrooms helping students learn to read!
Providing Opportunities for Students to EXPLORE at DHS!

Check out all the clubs and activities available to students at DHS! Along with strong athletic and music programs ,DHS offers a variety of opportunities for students to explore their passions, learn new skills and practice some real world skills.

Reading and Debating

Students in grade 5 bring ELA standards to life by debating to prompt rich book conversations. During Reading Units of Study Interpretation Book Clubs the lesson focuses on how readers of the same text can debate differing viewpoints and support his/her side with evidence to persuade the other side.

New Special Education Staff

Beth Townson hosted the second half of her training for new special education staff in Dartmouth. The second session primarily focused on answering individual questions and sharing tips for navigating the special education process.

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DHS hosts Distractology

Last week, DHS hosted a Distractology Program Distractology is an innovative and effective program that teaches inexperienced drivers about the dangers of distracted driving. The program consists of a 45-minute instructional learning experience behind the wheel of our driving simulator combined with a 20-minute web reinforcement of what the students learned inside the trailer. Each student who participates in the program will receive invaluable knowledge about the dangers of distracted driving. Specifically, our trainer goes into great detail on the dangers of texting while driving. Students will get to experience these dangers firsthand while in the safety of a driving simulator.

DMS Cardboard Challenge

Dartmouth Middle School participated in the 4th annual cardboard challenge as part of #cainesarcade and @imaginationfdn. Cardboard challenges are hosted around the world in over 80 countries every year on the first Saturday of October. DMS always offers the opportunity to participate in the challenge during the previous week during lunch in the library. Kids must mostly use cardboard, but they can also use string, hot glue, construction paper, other assorted craft supplies, paint, duct tape, etc. Kids can work individually or in groups of their own choosing. The challenge is announced at the start of the school year and let up to 25 kids per grade sign up to eat their lunch in the library while they create with their friends. Kids can also create at home. This year, Mrs. Gardner raised the bar, and the kids took the challenge, all projects were required to MOVE.

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Staff Spotlight

Name: Jannie Medeiros

School/Position: Manager at Quinn School cafeteria

Hometown: Dartmouth

Education: Dartmouth Public school

One goal I have achieved in my career so far that I feel most satisfied with: I really enjoy making people happy:

A long term goal I am working toward: Being the best I can be

Role model or someone who has had a great impact on my life: My two sons Dennis and Michael

If I could eat dinner with someone famous, dead or alive, it would be: Blake Shelton

Pet Peeve: Snobby people

Favorite leisure-time activity: Spending time with my animals and going out to dinner with my husband Dennis

Favorite movie: Pretty women

Favorite book: Green eggs and ham

I think the world’s greatest invention is: Air condition

My favorite motto or saying: Have a nice day!

What I like best about working at DPS: My staff and the children and our Quinn family

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7th Annual Southcoast Community Rsource and Craft Extravganza

Sunday, Oct. 20th, 10am-3pm

555 Bakerville Road

Dartmouth, MA

ERD PD Suicide Prevention Training

Wednesday, Oct. 16th, 12am

all schools

School Social Workers will be leading a mandatory training around suicide prevention during our Early Release Day, Wednesday, October 16th. All staff at DPS play an extremely important role in suicide prevention. We all have day-to-day contact with many students, some of whom have problems that could result in self-harm and/or serious injury, or even suicide. This professional development provides suicide awareness and prevention training within the context of creating a safe and supportive environment for students.

Children's Advocacy Center