Drug Free

Founded by Scott Strode

What Scott Strode Has Done to Help the Community

He helps people to stop using drugs through sports programs. Phoenix Multi-Sport gives people activities to get healthy. Some of these are swimming, hiking, and biking.

Meet Scott Strode: blog.cottonwooddetucson.com/.../scott-strode-top-cnn-heroes

How did it help?

Scott Strode's non-profit uses sports to help former addicts stay clean and find new supportive friends. More people will be drug free.


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Meeting Scott Strode- Background

He almost died of a drug overdose and hit rock bottom. Earlier, he had started drinking at age ten and using cocaine at age fifteen. After his rock bottom experience, he began going to a gym and exercising instead of using drugs. Finally, he turned himself around and became a CNN Hero!


What can I do?

I can help people not doing drugs like my mom and dad. I want them to stop doing smoking and drinking alcohol.That would make me very happy!