By:Anna Asare

Ants Are Hard Workers

Ants Work A Lot

Ants work a lot. Ants carry stuff 100 x their weight, and they work 19 hours per day. Ants can work upside down. Ants can work 0.5 joules a day while we can work 13.5 joules per day. Ants don't take a break. They begin their day by cleaning themselves. Younger ants work on the nests, tending queen, feeding larvae and digging holes. Ants build their homes by scooping dirt with their mandibles and the ants build their homes to get out of the sun,hide from their predators,and to let rain go on top of their roofs in their homes,they also pack little bricks together and make chambers,in the chambers are the storage room,night nursery,queen ant laying place,and the day nursery.Ants work until they die.

Ants Food System

Ants food system.Ants carry leaves and make the leaves into fungus.Ants connect ant hills to food sources by ant trails.Ants make unlike scent trails which are invisible but easily seen.Ants can eat basically anything like sweets,candy,fruits,and vegetables.

Ants Sleeping Way

Ants sleep standing up.Ants sleep 5 hours a day,they also take 250 naps a day which takes only a minute.

Ants Have Been Around For A Long Time

Ants outnumbered insects 7 to 1,also they have been here for 100 millions of years.Ants outnumbered dinosaurs,humans,and insects. Ants do a lot of work for their colonies,the larvae's,and for themselves.