Aberaham LaPlante

My Personality

Spirit Animal/Animal i am most like

Green Description.

Greens are very organized and precise people. We strive to get things right the first time and master things that we are good at. Most greens are great strategist and can prioritize objectives. Most greens are also very patient and can predict things.

My Influence.

My influence on the class is that I will tack charge if i need to, watch and listen if i need to, and provide a mostly organized type of work.

5 strengths

Very Intelligent, Quite, Observation, Helpful, Careful, Natural born leader from a distance.

Animal description.

A Wolf is very self confident, smart, clever, and quite.

Careers and Hobbies

Careers are Biology, Geology, Mathematics, Chemist, and Engineering. Hobbies are musical and artistic.

Astronamical Sign

Water bearer, Aquarius.

January 21-February 19. Symbol: The water bearer Element: air Planet:Uranus Qualities: Very intelligent, Unconcerned with practical and physical matters, very creative, natural born leader, most mysterious of all other signs, unemotional, lightning fast intuitive insight, and quickly grasps abstract concepts. Lucky Color: Violet Lucky Stone: Amethyst Lucky Day: Wednesday Lucky Number: Seven.

Chinese Zodiac, Fire Ox

Year of The Fire Ox

1937 1997Fire Ox people are intelligent, smart and peace loving. They are also extremely competitive and stubborn people. Fire Oxen are very wise people and create wonderful homes and structures. The strong characteristics of this Chinese zodiac are ethics, family, kindness, friendship and complete honesty. When things start getting haphazard and confusing they quickly come forward and take charge of the situation completely. People under this Chinese astrology are very highly valued by their colleagues and superiors. They are very good finance planners and invest their money appropriately.Natural Born Leaders.