Infrared Waves

BY: Morgan Pratt

4 Uses for Infrared Waves

  • communication between TV remotes and television
  • toaster ovens
  • weather forcast
  • a snakes pit, and area on the front side of its head

Wavelength & Frequency range

wavelength: 25um - 750nm

frequency: 1x1013 - 4x1014 Hz

Video discribing Infrared waves

stop at 1:15
Tour of the EMS 04 - Infrared Waves

Flir One

The Flir one is a iPhone 5/5s case. This case can recognize infrared waves. The Flir one minimizes the size required to recognize a visible infrared wave, inside a iPhone 5 case. The materials included are; one standard camera with infrared based thermal imaging, a second camera for visible light, a Soc (system on a chip), and a battery. This technology relies on an attached iPhone as means of saving and sharing. The CORE component is the Lepton long-wave infrared sensor, blending both pictures from the two cameras. Also the imaging device is as small as a dime which produces a lower resolution. The best range is a normal human-comfortable range.

The impact of this technology is being able to see things in a new way to find different and amazing things like seeing heat or cold radiate off of different surfaces. Its not everyday that the average person can hold a phone that can recognize infrared waves.

Release date: July 23,2014. Discovered by Flir.

Fun Fact: Flir stands for forward looking infrared.

camera/ features/ date of release

Flir One: Personal Thermal Imager for iPhone [Macworld 2014]


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