The City of Los Angeles

By Doug Howard

Land Use in Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles is one of America's largest cities, stretching over the span of four counties. It consists of a large amount of freeways, boulevards, and neighborhood road that span the area. A lot of the cities funding goes towards making these roads for the people. Another big portion of funding goes towards urban uses, which has taken over the land that was originally used for agriculture. With these reduces in agricultural production in LA, organic foods are now much harder to find.

The History of Los Angeles' problems

Los Angeles experienced a large growth spurt in the decades following WWII, leading to their recent problems with having to increase urbanization. Cattle ranches and Vineyards turned into urban areas of Los Angeles. This has now led to a more dangerous area for floods because there are few structures to stop the floods from flooding flood prone areas, which is what some farms used to be able to do. These changes all happened right after the second world war, which at the time was the beginning of the "Baby boom" where many people began to have kids.

Decrease in Natural Resources

As I said before, the amount of natural resources has declined ever since the population started increasing so much. Not only has urbanization taken away most of the farms close to Los Angeles, a lot of plants and trees have been taken down to make way for more buildings. The amount of organic materials in LA is significantly low due to the fact that many organic materials must be shipped into LA. This leads to an increase in an unhealthy diet around the area, which is not good for the general population.