Feeding the Picky Eater

Madison Dean

Offer a nibble tray

Kids Like to graze so its a good idea to them a lot of choices and opportunities to try new things.

Use different dips

giving your child dip options lets them feel in control and makes it more fun to eat and try the different flavors.

Use spreads

Spreads are fun for kids because they like to smear and make messes, and this way will get them excited to eat.

Put it in a smoothie

A good way to hide the foods your child doesn't want to eat is to blend it up in smoothie.

Cut into fun shapes

Cutting up your kids food into fun shapes and objects will make meal time more fun like a game.

Use fun packaging

Turn their meals into their favorite characters/toys to make it more fun for them.

Respect tiny tummies

Kids have smaller stomachs, so they don't eat as much as we would. Dont force your child to eat after they say they'er full.

Make it accessible

You should give them shelf/fridge space to put their snacks so they can get food for themselves we they'er hungry. This gives kids a sense of control and helps develop a good relationship with food.

Let them help cook

Kids are more likely to eat what they have created. It makes meal time more fun for them and again gives them a sense of control.

Count on inconsistency

When it comes to children and eating, the only constant is inconsistency. Don't be surprised if your child eats a lot of day and barely anything the next.
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