David Bilben


I named this sample paragraph because one of my favorite community's I am in are my sports and I love them. My sport I like the most is football. In football we do a lot of tackling and agressive contact. The thing I love about football that makes it awesome and special to me is all of the contact agressiveness. Another part I like is just plain out caching the football because I've been good at it ever sense I was a little

I chose football as one of my favorite sports because it is the most fun I have ever had with a sport. My favorite sports team is the bears my family have always huge Chicago fans no matter what sport. The only sports team I don't like from Chicago are the Chicago white socks. We have always hated them because they are our rivals


This I my second super sport. And the other sport I play competitively the thing that is important about my community is that anyone can join in most leagues. Others might want to be apart of my activity because it gives you something to do I summer instead of just being lazy. The reason my community is different then others is because most sports community's you don't have to try out but if you want to travel the state with your teammates then you have to try out for travel baseball. And I know that you have to try out because I had a friend that tried out last year made it tried out again this year but just couldn't make it

I chose baseball as my second sport because I am in two leagues one of them you acually have to try out for which I find very interesting because in almost every other sport but if you don't think you can make it then you don't have to try out and you Can just join. I play for the wait park in house and travle team. those are my super sports thank you.

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