Mrs. Stauffer's Classroom Spotlight

By Mrs. Stauffer's 4th Grade Class

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The amazing life of Mrs. Stauffer

by Charvi & Sahithi

Mrs. Stauffer is an amazing teacher. The most loving and caring teacher we have ever had.

Her favorite subject is math. Mrs. Stauffer´s favorite thing about teaching is when a student finally understands something. Her favorite color is purple and her favorite author is Jodi Picoult. Her favorite grade to teach is 4th grade because Mrs. Stauffer loves teaching the things she teaches in 4th grade. She's been teaching for 14 years she's taught in Elmonica for 5 years!

Her favorite thing besides teaching and being a mom is playing soft ball and reading. Her favorite student is her daughter named Hazel. Hazel is the cutest little girl ever!! We wish Mrs.Stauffer could be a 5th grade teacher so we can get her as a teacher.

Her Favorite movie is Finding Nemo. Her favorite Ice cream flavor chocolate peanut Butter. She loves to watch Marvel movies and her favorite movie characters is Thor/Wanda. Mrs. Stauffer's favorite planet is Saturn because it's the only planet with the rings around it.

What we're trying to say here is if Mrs. Stauffer is an amazing teacher.

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About Us

by Nikash

We are the best at distracting teachers but we are also fast learners . We like being partners because we like to understand each other. Congresses help us learn new strategies. We love having fun .
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Math in Our Class

by Maija and Pa'ina

In math, we are learning area and perimeter, multiplication and some of our assignments included division. One of our assignments was about figuring out how many 6-packs of water there were in a vending machine. We use an app called seesaw to do our assignments. There, we have lots of options to draw, type and record our assignments. One of my favorite parts of math is when the first problem helps you solve the second problem. It is like solving a math-mystery!

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Time to Read!

by Ari & Sripada

One book we read is I am enough. We have just finished with details and synthesis slide decks, they were awesome! In are details and synthesis slide deck we are learning about, find small things inside of books and relate them to big ideas. A large focus of the unit is the lessons the stories are teaching us. We will also take notes on the big ideas in the text. This unit will allow you to grow as fiction readers.

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Lots to write

by Adhvik & Giannii

We just entered a new reading unit on opinion writing. We will be writing Awards, Reviews and Speeches. And we will be learning to make bold claims and Support our claims with reasons and examples.

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by Sahithi


We are learning about energy , how it is transferred, and circuits and energy like hydroelectricity ( water power) ,wind turbines(windmills)and solar power(sun power). The energy from these were sent to power lines and sent to our phones. The energy from a battery (energy storage ) connected with wires to a LED light makes it light up because of the energy stored inside the batteries.

Saying No to Drugs.

In health we are learning to say no to drugs that drugs are bad for you and peer pressure can make you take in drugs and depression can make you take in drugs. There are two kinds of drugs medication drugs and over the counter drugs. The medication drugs are the good kinds of drugs that help you get better.
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Fun! Fun! Fun!

by Iniyan & Nikash

For fun we do cool math games after our 1 dreambox lesson which is right before break. In break we do art for kids hub one you can do your own the other is doing what Mrs stauffer is doing . Friday funnies are given on Friday where somebody reads jokes and riddles. It's so fun everybody starts yelling the answer because we give those jokes.

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So Special!

by Ari

For special classes and events we have been doing these types of things. Friday funnies. Friday funnies is where we turn in jokes/riddles into the teacher so she puts it on a google slide. But the slide is shared to us so some people cheat! Teacher tip tuesday. Every tuesday now we have something called teacher tip tuesday where we give compliments or tips to teachers and co-teachers.

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by Adhvik & Iniyan

We have super cool co teachers in our class Ms. Roberson, Ms. Day, Mr. Kohut and Mrs. Ault. They all do a great job working in our classroom helping us do our work in class. They help Mrs stauffer with things too. We always keep them off track which will keep some of the co-teachers talking about plants, etc.
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Elmonica Elementary Class Spotlight

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