A novel by Nicholas Sparks


Safe Haven is a novel by Nicholas Sparks. The story follows the main character, Katie, as she moves to Southport, North Carolina and begins a new life. Katie works as a waitress at Ivan's fish shack in town.

Katie rents a cottage in the woods off a gravel road. There is one other cottage there. Soon, Katie finds that she has a new neighbor, a woman in her mid-thirties whose name is Jo. As Jo and Katie get to know each other, Katie finds herself relishing the friendship she builds with Jo. Jo even suggests that Katie get to know the owner of the country store in town, who is Alex Wheatley.

Alex Wheatley is a single father of two kids and whose wife passed from cancer. He's also a former investigator for the Army. As he gets to know Katie, he quickly realizes that she is a battered wife hiding from an abusive husband. By the time he confronts Katie about it, the two are already deeply in love with each other. In the meantime, Katie's real husband Kevin, who is a detective for the Boston Police Department, is searching for her. Kevin uncovers the identity his wife, Erin, is using, which Katie is her new identity. Once Kevin hits the town of Southport, things start to unravel quickly.

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I give this book a 4.5 star rating because for the most part the book kept me entertained. The book also included much information that was left out of the movie such as Jo's real name is Carly, Erin's new identity came from her neighbor's deceased daughter, and Alex is an investigator in the Army. I love that there was a significant story behind about a girl escaping from an abusive husband, but was then turned around into a love story. Nicholas Sparks did a great job including both. If your into romance novels, I would highly recommend this one.