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The 3 R's- Rigorous, Relentless and Routines

Almost everyone agrees that routines are the best way to manage our learners. Routines for teachers in which they have to be consistent and not contradict themselves, provide learners with clear ideas on what should happen and well is important. But even more so is proactively building a working environment where children learn to work and play together collabiratively.


It is essential to give clear, precise instructions in 'bite-size' chunks so that learners know what and how they are to do the task. You can also use instruction flashcards to decrease TTT. Think about your students reactions to your instructions and tasks. Using hand gestures and hand raising can help demonstrate instructions.

Making students aware of the purpose of the activity can also help maintain their engagement and interest.

The importance of Social Skills in the classroom

Remember to promote a positive attitude between the learners and the teacher by giving learners responsibility for their learning. Allow them to help with classroom logisitics.

Demonstrate affection and attention to promote this in your class. Building a positive atmosphere in the class can créate a safe place for learners to take risks.

Try to promote respect in your classroom for both materials and others.

Prepare learners before they enter the classroom so having songs or other stratefies to define parts of the lesson helps with gettting kids organised and able to work autonomously as they know what to expect.

Positive Reinforcement

It's a great idea to use behaviour charts with difficult clases and focus on the importance of collaboration and sharing. Allow for rewards like learners choosing a game or activity if they have completed work appropriately.

By using a variety of teaching aids you can keep learners engaged and allow stronger students to help those who are weaker. If you have students with difficulties they can sit near to the teacher and pairing strong students with weaker ones can helo build confidence.

Being calm and relaxed is certain to give your learners a positive environment where positive behavious is valued and misbeahviour is dealt with fairly.

Last but not least,

Find out as much as possible from your learners previous teachers and from parents and any others you can provide you with useful information.

Use these people to help you solve problems and share your issues with colleagues to get a different point of view.

Remember it's not just the kids that behave badly sometimes we do too. The students behaviour can affect us too so we have to take special care to be aware of how we react and ensure that our lessons are well organised and cater for some 'special' learners that may need extra attention.Mmaking good use of all the strategies we know and have learned from colleagues is essential.

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