Weird creatures

By:Viridiana Fernandez

The Thorny Devil

This Thorny Devil is found in Australia.They are 4 to 6 inches long and can consume about 3,000 ants in a single meal.Another fascinating fact about this creature is the way they drink water.They go through watery plants and get some of the water droplets on their back.Once the water is on their backs it goes through these grooves and up to its mouth.

The Platypus

The Platypus is an adorable looking creature that eats crayfish, shrimp, insect larvae, and worms.A Platypus looks adorable but beware they have stingers on their feet that are full of poison.

Weird Weird Weird!!!!


This weird looking sea creature is found in Mexico.The Axolotl keeps its larvae features while in adulthood.An Axolotl will eat worms, fish, and anything that will fit in their mouth.Though these smiley little creatures stay at the bottom of the Xochimilco they are gravely endangered.


The Aye-Aye may look like a bat but actually its not.This creature is found on the island of Madagascar and is related to Chimpanzees, Apes, and especially humans.The Aye-Aye is an omnivore so its diet consist of fruit,nuts,and néctar.