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By: Jeremy Ahwai-Chang


Snow Removal

Are you TIRED of clearing you sidewalks of snow, having to drive on bumpy roads full of snow and having to be cautious of slipping on ice? Well, these issues have to be seriously looked at by Markham's municipal government, in order to help and keep their residents safe. Especially when it is cold, the snow tends to freeze and becomes very tough to shovel and the city of Markham needs to do a better job to ensure that the snow and ice are clear in all residential areas of Markham. If that is efficiently done, Markham's winters would be easier for all of it's residents.

Visit this website for tips on clearing snow on driveways:


Road Maintenance

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Several times throughout the year, there ends up being road maintenance on major roads in Markham. The roads end up being full of pylons and sometimes the pylons get out of place causing accidents. The road maintenance should go on at times during the day where its not too busy so it doesn't end up causing traffic. By doing that, it would be easier to get around and not have to wait for long periods of time. Also, when roads are being worked on, a bit of garbage gets left around the roads, hurting the environment. An eco-city like Markham should be enforcing these things strictly so that the environment stays clean from trash.

The city of Markham should consider on improving the following, in order to please the many peopole living in Markham:

  • Increase in traffic while the road maintenance is on-going.
  • A lot of noise.
  • Could cause injury from falling debris for residents and car accidents.
  • Air pollution would be caused by the dust, not only affecting people but the environment too.

Water Works

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In order to keep Markham's residents safe, the managing of Markham's water supply has to be taken seriously. During the winter, freezing temperatures sometimes interrupt the water to homes and businesses. Snow can bury valve boxes, service boxes and fire hydrants which would make it hard to access during emergencies. The City of Markham needs to make sure that none of these problems go on in the winter by frequently checking during snow fall. The City of Markham also needs to strictly make sure that all of the water is filtered and not dirty, resulting in residents getting sick.

Tips on protecting clean water for people and nature in cities: