Turtle Times

February 2018

Hello Parents!

What a fun (and fast) month January was! I hope your kids enjoyed it as much as Ms. Alyse and I did. I anticipate the month of February will fly by just as fast with all the fun things planned!

Ms. Karen & Ms. Alyse

February in the Turtle Class

    February 5-8

    We will be starting the month of February talking about Love. We will be reading the book called Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud. The book in a quick summary, is about showing the kids how easy it is to “fill someone’s bucket” with kind words, kind actions, and being nice to one another. Each child will have their own bucket in the classroom. As each day goes on, Ms. Alyse and I will be positively reinforcing (even more so then we usually do) kind behavior that we see. I understand as 2-3 year olds this concept can be a little tricky, but the children have become such good friends that I think they will really enjoy this lesson. We will also read the Good Samaritan story from the Bible.

    February 12-15

    This week we will talk about friendship. We will talk all about how to be a kind friend, participate in role playing examples, giving the kids the opportunity to demonstrate a positive interaction between friends (ex. asking to have a turn with a toy rather than just taking it). This week is Valentine’s Day so of course we will have a party! Here are some quick points about our party. I will pass out more details next week.

    Party Dates and details:

    Wednesday, February 14th and Thursday, February 15th.
    If your child attends both days, they can participate in both parties! If you would like to bring a Valentine’s for the class exchange, there are 10 kids each day (so Wednesday would bring 10 Valentines, and Thursday would bring 10 Valentines). We will decorate bags for the children to collect cards from their friends. Please address the “from” portion of the card only.This makes for a simple and smooth exchange. More details to come!

    February 19-20

    This week is all about hygiene! We will do a “brushing our teeth” exercise…on a paper with shaving cream! We will talk about how to sneeze or cough in your elbow, and then wash toys that we will paint to get dirty. If anyone is a dental hygienist, dentist, or doctor and would like to come talk to our class this week that would be awesome! Just let me know.

    February 26-March 1

    This is always a favorite! Pets and Vets! We will talk about what kind of animals make good pets, and why. We will have pet carriers in our classroom with stuffed animals to play with. It will be a very fun interactive week. Talking with the children, it sounds like most everyone has some sort of pet. If it is easily transported and you would like to bring it to our class for a “Show-N-Tell” please let me know and we can discuss specifics and guidelines. We will also be making a pet turtle and taking it for a walk around the school.

    Additionally, we will be working on the following specific skills:

    • Letters: q,r,s,t.
    • Shape: Diamond
    • Color: Green
    • Numbers 1-10 (like usual, but this time trying to identify them rather than just counting to 10)

    Throughout this month we will be finishing up our assessments for conferences in March. If you would like to see the assessment sheet we use feel free to ask me. More details about conferences will be discussed later, but I just thought that I would mention it to you in case you are curious to see how smart your kiddos are!

    And like always, if you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to ask!

    Ms. Karen & Ms. Alyse

    School Wide News

    Registration for 2018/2019

    Registration is in full swing! We are so excited to see so many of you returning for the next school year. Open enrollment begins on Monday February 5th, when a new family registers and lists you as their referrer, you will receive a gift card to show our appreciation. Stop by the Preschool counter and pick-up an information card to share with friends and family.

    Night of the Arts

    Night of the Arts was a huge success! The children’s art pieces were beautiful. We raised $380 to benefit Night Lights. It was well attended with approximately 200 people stopping in to enjoy the sights, sounds and activities. Thank you to everyone who participated in the event!

    Health Status/Immunization Forms

    Don’t forget that many of your children will have Health Status and Immunizations forms that expire during the school year. When they expire we are required by the State of Colorado to replace them with updated ones. When your child has a well check during the school year please have a new form filled out and signed by your doctor, and return it to the preschool office as soon as possible. You can access the health status and immunization forms on our preschool website, we can email you one, click here, or you can get a paper copy from us anytime. If it is easier, you can have your doctor fax the forms back to us at 303.593.4561, Attn: Lisa. If you have already been notified about expired forms, please submit current forms as soon as possible so we can be compliant with licensing. If you have any questions about your child’s Health Status and Immunization forms please feel free to stop by and ask or email Anne at anney@waterstonechurch.org. Thanks for your help with this!

    Scholastic Books

    The Preschool is changing the way we place Scholastic Book orders. All orders will now be placed online. Follow the instructions below to view an online catalog and order. There will be a few hard copies of flyers at the Preschool counter for you to take home or look at. Reading is fundamental to success in school and Scholastic Books are a wonderful way to boost your home library. Ordering books helps our program be able to purchase more books to use at school. To order:

    • SIGN UP at scholastic.com/readingclub
    • ENTER the Class Activation Code N2HJR
    • CHOOSE from thousands of print titles, value packs and Storia eBooks
    • SUBMIT the order by the due date listed on the website. Your order will be sent to the church and we will deliver them to your child's classroom.

    If you need an order placed earlier then the due date listed, please let us know.

    February Fruit of the Spirit: Love

    But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.
    -Galatians 5:22-23 (NIV)

    Mark your Calendars!

    February 5
    Open Enrollment for the 2018/2019 School Year
    February 19
    NO SCHOOL-Presidents' Day
    February 20
    NO SCHOOL-Teacher In-Service Day