Turtle Times

April 2018

Hello Parents!

I cannot believe its April! I am not sure where the year has gone. To celebrate all of the accomplishments, learning, and fun we’ve had so far this year, we would like to invite you into the classroom for two different events.

  1. April 10th and 11th from 9:30-10am for a Donuts with Dad
  2. May 9th and 10th from 9:30-10am for Muffins with Mom
I understand work schedules may conflict with the dates and times, but I hope you can make it!

We really enjoyed meeting with you for conferences! Thank you very much for the kind and supportive words to us. I hope everyone had a great spring break, and enjoyed their Easter! We are excited to be back, and like usual have a busy and fun filled month ahead.

As always, if you have questions please do not hesitate to ask!

Ms. Karen & Ms. Alyse

Potty Training

This time of year in the 2-year-old class we see an increase in kiddos ready to potty train. If your child seems ready, and you’re ready, please communicate with us helpful hints that may help your child be successful in the classroom. Please keep in mind that the classroom environment is a lot different than at home. There are always fun things going on that can cause distractions and kids not taking sufficient time sitting on the potty. In addition to multiple “potty breaks” and diaper changes during the day, we will do our best to take children who are potty training to the bathroom as often as we can throughout our very busy day. We do our best to be as consistent as possible with the process you use at home. In fairness to all children in the class we do not use/offer edible rewards. If you use this system at home, we would be happy to tell your child that we’ll let you know they have earned rewards so they can have the rewards/treats at home). We appreciate your patience with us and your child! Accidents happen and it will be ok, it’s just part of the process! Please be sure there are extra clothes in your child’s backpack, not only for potty accidents but for messy wet play as well.


It is getting to be the time of year that our recess is more consistent and our playground has more sunshine. Please apply sunscreen on your child before school. Hats are always a good thing too! If you would like us to reapply sunscreen before we go outside, please provide your preferred brand of sunscreen marked with your child’s first and last name on the package. Per licensing requirements multiple children cannot share the same bottle of sunscreen. Thanks for understanding!

April in the Turtle Class

    April 2-5

    We will start our week back talking about seeds and plants. We will plant seeds as a class and talk about what seeds need to grow. We will do activities to talk about the different parts of the plant and why they are each important (roots, stem, leaves, and flower). We will read a book by Eric Carle called The Tiny Seed. We will also be doing a paper plate craft to keep practicing our scissor skills! I also have a fun sequencing activity planned that requires the kids get to work together to figure out what comes first, second, etc. (planting a seed, watering, or watching it grow).

    April 9-12

    The Turtle and Duck classroom will be growing ladybugs and butterflies. This is a yearly thing our school does, and it is always a highlight! This will only enhance the hatching theme for this week! We will be looking at all different animals that hatch, and what hatching even means. In our sensory table I have “birds” and materials to make a nest. We will make clothespin hatching birds to keep working on our fine motor skills!

    April 16-19

    This week we are talking about bugs! We'll check out our growing ladybugs and butterflies. It will be a great week for nature walks with magnifying glasses to see what we can find crawling in the grass. We will talk about how many legs different bugs have, how some fly, and other interesting facts about bugs. This unit will then tie back into our plant unit when we explore the idea of pollination.

    April 23-26

    During our weather unit, we briefly talked about rainbows…but this week it will be all about rainbows and Noah’s Ark! It is a very colorful and art-filled week learning the sweet message about God keeping his promises. We will do rainbow science experiments that will be both messy and mesmerizing! This will be a great week to review our colors and talk about what color you can make if you mix two colors together. Between learning the story of Noah’s Ark and talking about rainbows it will be a very busy week!

    April 30- May 3

    Dinosaurs! Do I need to say more!? We will measure our foot size and compare it to the size of a Tyrannosaurus Rex’s foot, and measure many different dinosaurs to compare their sizes too. We will even be making our own fossils! The kids have developed their favorite songs in the class and we will definitely be playing one of the frequently requested dinosaur songs!

    Skills this Month

    • Review of shapes, colors, and numbers
    • We are always working on Zoo-phonics letters, but the letters we will primarily be focusing on is our last three x,y, and z. We made it through the whole alphabet!
    • More of an emphasis on specific fine motor skills such as holding a crayon or marker the right way (based on some of the conversations we had with parents during conferences we will focus on this skill)
    • Scissor skills
    • Continue to work on listening ears and doing an activity for a little longer then we have before to prepare them for the next class all while keeping in mind what is age appropriate!

    School Wide News

    Scholastic Book Fair Re-Cap

    Thank you so much for your support of our first annual Scholastic Book Fair! It was so fun to see children and parents so excited about books and reading together. Thanks to your support we raised a little over $800 in Scholastic Dollars that will come back to the school in the form of new books and classroom materials offered by Scholastic. We will be able to add some much needed new books that align with our curriculum themes to the school’s main library shared by all of the classrooms, and each individual classroom will be able to revamp their reading center with fun new titles. Thank you!

    Waterstone Preschool Summer Camp
    Waterstone’s STORYBOOK SUMMER programming is coming soon! Online registration begins Monday, April 9th. Click here for full details and registration instructions.

    School Pictures

    • Class pictures will be for sale in the next few weeks. Watch your child’s check-in area to see a proof of your child’s class picture, an order sheet and payment envelope. Pictures are $10 each. The final prints will be delivered before the last day of school. It is a great way to remember your child’s friends from the school year.
    • Individual pictures: It’s not too late to order your child’s individual school portrait. The galleries will be taken off of the website on May 15th. Please follow the directions below:
    1. Click here to access the site. Or go to: http://laurasmithphotography.pixieset.com.
    2. The galleries are in alphabetical order by last name. Once you find your child you can access their gallery by using your child's name as the password (first letter capitalized). If you have more than one child in the program, their photos will be together in the same gallery and the password will be your youngest child's name. If you have any questions, please email Laura, at info@laurasmithphotos.com.

    Field Day/End of Year Celebration – May 14th and 15th
    What better way to celebrate the end of a great school year than with an afternoon of fun games and activities! Please join your child at 12pm on the last day they attend, either Monday, May 14th or Tuesday, May 15th. As usual, students will need to pack a lunch. Each class will eat around 11:30am in their classrooms. Then, parents can join the events from 12:00-1:30pm. We hope you will join our celebration!

    April Fruit of the Spirit: Peace

    But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.
    -Galatians 5:22-23 (NIV)

    Mark your Calendars!

    April 9
    Storybook Summer Registration Begins
    April 16 – May 1

    Order Class Photos

    April 18th
    Lockdown Drill
    May 15
    Last Day of School and Last Day to Order Individual Photos